Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Prairie Chicks Welcome Ishbel Moore

The Chicks welcome fellow Prairie writer Ishbel Moore on April 11. After publishing a string of YA novels, Ishbel recently followed her muse into Fantasy Land. Her blog this Saturday explains how the creation of a map for her story freed her imagination.

Ishbel Moore was born in Scotland, and emigrated as a teenager to Canada in 1967. Her writing career blasted with a triple header in 1993-4, and since then she has published 13 novels, written countless non-fiction pieces, and won prizes with her short stories, and currently is also writing for and helping to edit the Horse Country Magazine. In 1995 she was awarded the YMCA Woman of Distinction Award. She has held offices within the Canadian Authors Association at the provincial and national levels, securing recognition for her volunteer achievements, and was also provincial rep for CANSCAIP. Much of her time is spent mentoring and teaching writing in communities near and far, and establishing writing circles, including some on-line. She currently lives near Oak Hammock Marsh, north of Winnipeg, MB, with her husband, children, horses, dog, and a multitude of cats. Contact Ishbel at


Tara Maya said...

Welcome to a great blog!

Ishbel said...

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to add that it is likely the yahoo email address provided won't get you to me. Please go through Jana. I welcome all questions.