Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Prairie Chicks Welcome Judith B. Glad

On Saturday April 4 join the Chicks in welcoming author and editor Judith B. Glad when she visits us on the prairies. Jude is editor of and will tell us what it takes to bring an e-book to market. Not only is she a fabulous editor, but a gifted writer and artist. She designs many of the covers for Uncial books. I can attest to her fabulousness, since she edited my three books with Uncial and designed the covers. I’m pleased to have her join us because aside from her many talents, I consider her a good friend.

Here’s Jude’s bio in her own words:

Judith B. Glad writes romance because she believes every story should have a happy ending, even if it requires two or three hankies to get there. After growing up in Idaho, Judith now lives in Portland, Oregon, where flowers bloom in her yard every month of the year and snow usually stays on the mountains where it belongs. It's a great place to write, because the rainy season lasts for eight months—a perfect excuse to stay indoors and tell stories. When she's not writing, Judith is riding her bicycle, messing about in the kitchen, editing other people's books or creating prize-winning cover art.
Visit Judith's webpage at to learn more about all her books, in several romance genres--because she can't make up her mind which she enjoys writing the most.

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