Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Prairie Chicks Welcome Lesley-Anne McLeod

The Prairie Chicks welcome Regency writer Lesley-Anne McLeod on April 25. In her encore appearance on the Prairies, Lesley-Anne will talk about choices – is print publishing or epublishing the right choice for you?

Lesley-Anne McLeod has been writing for thirty years, around motherhood and a ten year career in bookselling. She free-lanced in business writing and published articles on antiques and collectibles.

For the past fifteen years Lesley-Anne has been able to focus her attention on fiction writing. Though she has written in a variety of genres, among them science fiction, contemporary and western, she has always been drawn to historical fiction. A life-long Anglophile, it seemed natural that she should write Regency romances, those uniquely English historical romances. She takes her inspiration from the work of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer.

Lesley-Anne is married and has one daughter. She belongs to the Saskatchewan Romance Writers and treasures the support and friendship that group offers. She lives on the prairies of Canada which are distant from Regency England in time and thought, but her world retains an echo of Great Britain in history and tradition.


Captain Hook said...

Cool! I"ll try to check in, but weekends have gotten so hectic.

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