Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Proud to be a Canadian

We talk a lot about heroes, this being a romance writing blog and all, and their unique characteristics. Here in this part of the world we have a few distinctive characteristics or mannerisms of our own, things that make us truly Canadian.

You may have a true Canadian hero on your hands if:

He’s got an autographed poster of Wayne Gretzky wearing number 99. He’s served five for fighting or bids farewell to his male friends by saying, “Keep your stick on the ice.” He never, ever misses Coach’s Corner or Don Cherry.

He refers to the thing he wears on his head in the winter months as a toque and the thing he sits on to watch TV, a couch.

He’s been pulled over for speeding by the RCMP.

His bumper sticker reads: Curlers do it between the sheets.

He’s bleeds the colors of his CFL team. And yes, it has a different size football, different sized field and has one less down.

He’s participated in a Polar Bear Dip and then wrapped himself in a Hudson’s Bay blanket to ward off hypothermia.

He pronounces the letter “z” as zed not zee. He adds a ‘u’ to words like labour, honour, and colour.

He knows what a hoser is and who Doug and Bob McKenzie are.

He eats Kraft Dinner right out of the pot. His favorite snacks are Timbits and he pours maple syrup on his pancakes.

He’s from a place called The Rock.

He has loonies or toonies in his pocket.

He claims his country has the best beer commercials and the best beer.

And like Red Green, he believes that if women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

Happy Canada Day, eh!
See if you can add to the list. What is something uniquely Canadian? What interesting characteristics might define a Canadian heroine?


Janet said...

This is priceless, Karyn. I hooted with laughter and nodded my head in agreement. And I, too, am proud to be Canadian!

I've been racking my brain for more Canadianisms, but for the life of me I'm stumped. I'll keep thinking and then come back. Looking forward to what others have to contribute.

And Happy Birthday, Canada!

Silver James said...

Candian heroines...hrm....

Her heart kerfuffles at the sight of her hockey hero...

She'd rather eat poutine than pout...

And she knows Bare Naked Ladies is a band, not the title of the latest romance novel.

And beavertail ain't what you think it is, mister!

Happy birthday to all my Canadian friends!

Karyn Good said...

Hey Janet. Hope you're having a great Canada Day and not packing or thinking about packing.

I'm sure you'll think of something!

Karyn Good said...

Silver, very impressive my American friend! Poutine, The Bare Naked Ladies, and beavertail are definitely noteworthy additions.

Have a great day and happy writing!

Helena said...

Happy Canada Day, Karyn!

Our Canadian heroine, depending on her age (or not) would sigh over ...

Ryan Reynolds / Ryan Gosling /
Keanu Reeves / Paul Gross

She would sit in her pickup truck listening to ...

Corb Lund / Michael Buble / Paul Anka / Ian Tyson

Then she would suck it up, and make potato salad to go with the burgers her hubby has on the bbq, and, of course, make Nanaimo bars for dessert.

Ban said...

I'm 1/4 frog on my mom's side and my husband grew up in Derby Line VT, which means half the town was over the boarder. He had to walk through customs to get to the post office, oh, and one of his favorite movies is Strange Brew :)
Happy Canada Day to you all !

Ban said...

border ... not boarder *sighs with embarrassment*

Karyn Good said...

Hi Helena. This Chick sighs over Keanu Reeves (big time) while listening to Corb Lund as she makes the potato salad and eagerly awaits her Nanaimo bar. LOVE Nanaimo bars almost as much as I love the movie Speed.

Awesome additions for the heroine list, Helena. Hope you're having a wonderful Canada Day.

Karyn Good said...

Hey ban. LOL.

Strange Brew huh - you may have a part Canadian hero on your hands! Lucky gal!

Happy writing!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Oh Karyn! This is equal to Janet's Friday Fun Days!

I am Canadian! So, I should be able to come up with some ... LOL

Silver, good ones! I'm jealous you thought of them first.

You too, Ban. Cudos

Okay, for me...let's see...

- she buys her dishes at Canadian Tire, her makeup at London Drugs, and her soft furniture at The Brick

- has savings accounts in the Bank of Nova Scotia and the Bank of Montreal but lives in Alberta

- eats lunch at New York Fries (founded in Brantford, ON) and then goes to Boston Pizza for supper (founded in Edmonton, AB)

- flies east on WestJet

- reads Harlequin American Romance which are published in Toronto

- wears a bikini when the weather is thirty degrees

- and is allowed to drive down on the highway doing a hundred

Gee, it took me so long to figure these out, they might be duplicated by the time I post but here goes...

Janet said...

My Canadian heroine drinks Caesars and craves Coffee Crisp chocolate bars!

I'm off to have a Caesar before I BBQ my supper :)

Karyn Good said...

Great additions, Anita. We were just at Boston Pizza last night for supper.

She's probably stuffed her Cdn Tire money in a drawer never to be used.

And if she's doing 100 she's driving very conservatively.

Have a lovely Canada Day!

Karyn Good said...

Janet, I'm not much for vodka, mine'll have to be a shot of Canadian Club.

DebH said...

Not Canadian, but have friends from there. Even visited Winnepeg during the American Thanksgiving and was a sub for my friend's Curling league team. Now that was a blast.

Loved the lists. Unfortunately all the good things are already listed. I love Bare Naked Ladies, btw. Very clever lyrics.

Anyhoo, Happy Canada Day.

Jana Richards said...

Hey Karyn,
Happy Canada Day! Great list and I loved everyone else's lists. Silver and Ban I'm so impressed! Here's my humble effort:

My Canadian heroine would pick up a Double-Double at Timmy's and then go home to eat her Tourtiere and Butter Tarts.

And a shout out to DebH from up here in Winnipeg. You were indeed a brave girl to be here in November. Just be glad it wasn't January!


Karyn Good said...

Thanks DebH. Glad to hear you've ventured north to fair Winnipeg. I think our heroine should curl in the winter and have the BNL's on her ipod.

Another great Canadian band - Great Big Sea.

Karyn Good said...

Hey Jana. How could I forget tourtiere and butter tarts, another one of my favorites and our heroine would bypass Starbucks for Timmy's and a Double-Double any day.

Happy Canada Day to you! Hope you enjoyed the day.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Deb, I lived in Winnipeg during my junior and senior high school years. If you were there in Nov, I bet you didn't do any diving while you were there, eh. LOL

You know how to curl? Cool. That's another thing we'll have to do someday. :)

Talk about the Bare Naked Ladies... I used to think they were just another rock band when all I knew was their names. Then I heard and discovered I liked their songs. My favourites are Jingle Bells and If I Had a Million Dollars.