Friday, July 24, 2009

Setting Links...

Well, People of Blogland, this will be my last blog post for a while. The U-Haul is full to overflowing and we’re exhausted! I had every intention of writing a blog this week, but circumstances dictate otherwise. I hope you all will understand my lack of a full post. As my Internet ends tonight at midnight, I will be unable to log on and check for comments. But don’t think you can complain behind my back, I will be coming back to the blog in a month (sooner if I can find Internet on our trek) and I will be reading this and all the other blogs I’ve missed.

So, for your research enjoyment, I’m posting some links. Last week I discussed setting so I thought it would be good to follow up with some links. I hope you find one or two articles that are beneficial.

Writing Dynamic Settings – Kimberly Appelcline’s article on setting as it pertains to good storytelling. This web article includes some writing exercises.

From Nanofimo, a list of settings and plot elements to jumpstart your writing.

A great bulletin board community to browse. Need to know about medieval town gates and curfew? How about the exact number of rooms located in the Palace of Versailles? Or you’ve put your millionaire and his secretary in the desert and they encounter a sandstorm – how would they survive? For the answers to these questions and so much more, check out this site. This is one of my favorites and I will warn you – it can be a major time suck if you’re as curious as I am!

For tips on how to bring your setting to life, Anne Marble has a great article at Writing World.

For a more tongue in cheek look at setting as it relates to writing romance, check this out.

And, because I found the whole article hilarious, here is Part One and Part Three in Zug’s "How to Write a Trashy Romance" You really should read this.

For the next 5 Fridays some of my writer friends are going to fill in for me. These are talented and articulate women and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy their posts. A regular in our comment section, Hayley will be blogging twice. We get to welcome one of the original Chicks back when Suse sits in for me in August. Then, to round out my Fridays, Helena and Molli are going to pull double duty. I thank them all for helping me out. I can’t wait to get settled and read their entries.

Until later, People of Blogland, have a fabulous August.

Janet (the picture is of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - a mere 15 minute drive from where I'll be living)


Anita Mae Draper said...

The post is just fine, Janet. Thanks for the links.

15 mins from Lunenburg? Sure...rub it in...

Have a safe trip. :)

Rie said...

Have a great trip!

Hayley E. Lavik said...

You will be greatly missed over the next month, Janet. I will do my best to assault you with chapter rewrites for your return ;)

I can see that livejournal community may become a real problem when it comes to random information I don't need now, but might... someday. I need to do what any good girl guide would, right? Be Prepared!

Yunaleska said...

Hope the move goes well for you!

Ban said...

Will pray for your safety Janet and miss you while you're away - You better have tons of snippets for us on BB when you get settled in !!!

Karyn Good said...

Great links Janet. Have a wonderful trip cross country and remember to misbehave as much as possible.

Silver James said...

Noooooooooooooo! *cling* I can't go a month without my Janet fix!

Great links, though. Have a very safe trip. Check in when you can along the way. Enjoy the new digs. Don't forget us!

We'll miss you. Come back to us as soon as you can! And like Ban said, you'd better have lots to share on BB!

Jana Richards said...

Dear Janet,
I feel like Silver - Noooo, don't go!

But if you must, have a safe trip. Hey, take some pictures along the way. I'd love to see them.

BTW, thanks for the Live Journal link. I'm going to see if they have some info for my WWII story.

Suse said...

Hi Janet,

Thanks for the links. Setting is something I always seem to fall down on. Just last night, I sat in the dark to experience what it would be like for a short story I'm writing. When I went to bed, I realized that I had only taken note of sights and sounds. I completely forgot all about touch, taste and smell. I'll definitely be checking back with those links again.

I have a wonderful trip across Canada.

Helena said...

Janet, knowing that you will be checking in later for comments on this, your "last until September" post, I'm commenting quite a few days since you posted it.

You've chosen to provide links on a really useful topic. I always have a strong sense of the places where I set my stories, but don't always know how to convey it to the reader. It's almost the same as "show, don't tell" in that it's fine to say your story is set in Hawaii (just for example) but if you can't portray the special feel, scent, atmosphere, etc. of the place, your story might as well be taking place at Pike Lake (a little prairie lake near Saskatoon!).

Have a happy jaunt across the country!