Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heroine For A Day

I’ve decided to be my own heroine for a day. Well, more like fifteen minutes really and only in my head, unless I can manage to convince family and friends to play along. Since that seems unlikely to happen, I’m taking my fifteen minutes and running with it because over the next few days I’m about to embark on that most dreaded of activities, Back To School Shopping. Take two kids who hate shopping and add the words back to school and it equals … I don’t even think there are words to describe it.

So, I’m the heroine in the story but lucky me, I’m also the writer which means I get to choose my options.

Genre: First off I need a genre or subgenre. You know, will it be a western, a regency, a paranormal, a suspense, a fantasy, a horror or, the new to me subgenre of romantic space opera. I must live under a rock or something, why have I never heard of this?

My Ride: This is the second most important category and you can bet my pick will not be a minivan. Perhaps a tank, a Harley, a private jet, cruise liner, or an electric car. You never know, I might prefer an appaloosa, a carriage, the stagecoach or the batmobile. The sky’s the limit.

Setting: Where will I hang my hat? Small town, big city, a burrow, a lair, a villa, or a hut. Could it be a teepee, the woods, an intergalactic space station, a ranch, or a castle?

Vocation: A butcher, a baker, candlestick maker?

Weapons: I can have the skills necessary to master one weapon or many, but I must have at least one thing I rely on above all others, besides my wits. Be it knitting needles, a quill, a spatula, a bow, poison darts, or a grenade launcher.

Superpowers: I’m allowed one superpower. It’s only fair. Let me see, I may go with some aspect of Mentalism: telekinesis, ESP, telepathy, or precognition. Or maybe, something along the lines of accelerated healing, prehensile/animated hair, wallcrawling, domination and mind control, or bone manipulation. The possibilities are endless.

Okay, these are my choices. Today, or for the next quarter of an hour, I’m going back to the beginning of the tenth century, somewhere around the year 1153, because I’m pretty sure women in this period were not required to shave anything. Downside, there goes my Audi. However, the prettiest little pony that’s easy on oats and fits easily in the stables has replaced it. I sleep in a castle at night, in the warmest climate available for castle dwelling. I’m totally the herbalist/healer female everyone secretly thinks is a witch and is silently scared of but is very glad lives in the keep because I can cure the plague with a paste made from dandelion root, wild horseradish (it only grows on the side of a very steep cliff every seven years), and beer that’s been brewed under a full moon. This is of course how I meet the great big giant, sword welding, much muscled knight who rides a steed. I cured him. Of everything. Including arrogance. And toe rot. My most deadly weapon is an ancient book of ‘recipes’ passed down to me from my Grandmother, twice removed. I’m serious. It may also contain the odd magical incantation, but you didn’t hear that from me. As for a superpower, I think I’ll go with super sonic hearing. That should make it extremely difficult for man or beast to catch me unaware and sneak up on me while I’m out walking in the woods, collecting my plants and other ‘special’ ingredients. This would also allow me to overhear any evil plots to take over the castle, at which time I would have to consult The Book.

Oops, time’s up. Back to reality for me. I’m off to buy markers and glue.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play along. Be a heroine for a day. What would your choices be?


Erika said...

OMG, you're brilliant! I definitely want to play but I have to shower first and get ready for the day job. *deep sigh* I actually like my day job, but I wanna play!

Karyn Good said...

Thanks Erika! Have a great day at work and I'll be here all day if you find time to play later! Can't wait to hear more about Megan's story!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Wow, Karyn! That's a fabulous post. You've got my imagination soaring. But so many choices...
...okay, here goes...

Genre: Alternate History
Year: 1898

Background: Because of the Great Wars, women outnumbered men 2 to 1. With the discovery of the new land of Canada, Europe sent boatloads of citizens, 2 women for every male in an attempt to renew the male population. But in the new land, the women rebelled. Tired of war, outnumbering the men, they formed the new government. After years of peace, men in the west rebelled. The government formed a mounted peace corps to patrol the west. Armed with rifles and knives, the peacemakers were under order to talk first and only shoot in defense.

Heroine: Constable Nellie Porter of the NorthWest Mounted PeaceMakers

Setting: Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan

Mission: To capture the renegade Mitchell Brandon and bring him in to face the charges of treason and insurgence.

I, Nellie Porter, will not rest until I get my man.

Karyn Good said...

Awesome job, Anita. Alternate history - I love that idea. Again I must live under a bigger rock then I thought!

I totally love the idea of Constable Nellie Porter. I think Nellie would make a fabulous story! I want to see her get her man!

Alternate History...I'm very intrigued.

Jana Richards said...

Hi Karyn,
That was so awesome! If I could be heroine for a day I think it would involve a spa, deep body massage and chocolate. And I'd be incredibly skinny, no matter how much chocolate I ate.

Anita, I loved your story too. Especially the last line. It killed me!

And apparently I've been living under a rock too because I haven't heard of romantic space opera either. I lead a very sheltered life!


Karyn Good said...

Hey Jana. It's hard to beat a spa, a massage and chocolate for the ideal heroine's day! And I don't know how skinny slipped by me. I'm going to have to go add it in to mine.

I know. Romantic space operas, who knew!

glovin said...

Thanks Erika! Have a great day at work and I'll be here all day if you find time to play later

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