Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Danielle Thorne and Anne Patrick who both nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger award last week. Thanks for the plug ladies!

So because we won this award, we nominate seven of our favorite blogs for the Kreativ Blogger award and I get to post seven things you might not have known about the Prairie Chicks. I get to tell on my fellow Chicks!

1. First me, Jana. I have two daughters in their twenties. My youngest is studying to be a nurse, and my oldest is working on a Masters degree in political studies. She’s also a world traveller. As I write this she is in Istanbul, Turkey.

2. Anita – She spent twenty years in the Canadian military. She’s completely fearless. Last year she drove all by herself from Saskatchewan to Minneapolis to the American Christian Fiction Writers conference. Trust me, that’s a long way.

3. Karyn – Didn’t learn to drive until she was thirty-five and it was an absolute necessity.

4. Helena – Helena is a librarian by trade. When she retired a few years ago she moved to a small town in Saskatchewan after living in Alberta for many years.

5. Connie – Connie was born in Niagara Falls, but we Prairie Chicks don’t hold that against her! She is a journalist and spent many years reporting on court cases.

6. Molli – Molli once appeared in a deodorant commercial wearing a bikini, bunny ears and winter boots. The commercial was shot in Winnipeg in February. Apparently the deodorant was especially enticing to bunnies.

7. Janet – Janet met her husband at a tiny airport in the Northwest Territories, although she didn’t know it at the time. When her suitcase was tossed out of the plane, it spilled open, spewing her underwear all over the tarmac. Little did Janet know her future husband was watching from the tower. “That’s the girl for me!” he said to himself. And they lived happily ever after!

The seven blogs we are awarding the Kreativ Blogger award to are:

1. Silver James – Penumbra
2. Hayley Lavik – Eventide Unmasked
4. Lesley Anne McLeod – The Regency World of Lesley Anne McLeod
5. Donna Alward – Emotional, Feel Good Romance
6. Ban Sidhe – Ban Sidhe's Worlds


Helena said...

This is very exciting for us, Jana. Makes me proud to be a Prairie Chick!

The list of other blogs includes some of my personal top picks, and also a few that I must check out soon.

Thanks for all your work in responding to this honour on our behalf.

Silver James said...

Wow! Thanks so much for passing it along to me! Ya'll rock!

Erika said...

Thank you ladies! You guys are the best.