Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kate Bridges to Visit

This Saturday, Oct 24, Kate Bridges guest blogs here at Prairie Chicks Write Romance.

Kate writes historical romance novels and comedy screenplays. Her first historical romance novel was published in 2002. She grew up in rural parts of Canada, although her home now is the city of Toronto. In her books, she shares her love of wide-open spaces, country sunshine, and the romantic tales of the men and women who tamed the West. Her novels have been studied in over a dozen colleges in their commercial fiction writing courses and translated into nine languages worldwide. Recently, she took up screenwriting, which adds a new twist to her career.

On Sat, post a comment or question for a chance to win Kate's November release, Alaskan Renegade.

ALASKAN RENEGADE is about the Skagway town nurse, Victoria Windhaven, who sets off on a dangerous medical journey across the Alaskan wilderness to make her medical rounds before the snow hits. She’s accompanied by a bodyguard, Brant MacQuaid, but doesn’t like him. Five years ago in St. Louis, he left her sister standing at the altar and Victoria has never forgiven him. They’re accompanied on the trip by a young medical student who has a crush on Victoria.

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