Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Might I Recommend ...

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” Julia Child

We’ve been talking a lot about pitches, blurbs, taglines, one-sheets and how to successfully navigate agent/editor appointments lately as some of my follow blog partners and fellow Saskatchewan Romance Writers members prepare to travel to the prestigious Surrey International Writers’ Conference. But we haven’t talked about what happens if you aren’t going. What if you’re staying home? Like me.

Staying home also requires careful thought, planning and preparation. If you’re like me, you’ve got some pretty important choices to make to have a great weekend, like what are you going to drink, what are you going to eat, and most importantly what are you going to read. Deciding what goes best with what. Well, I’ve got a few suggestions.

I could go with a dark, rich ale whose slightly smoky complex flavor goes well with an assortment of foods. But the heck with that idea! Choose a medieval romance or a highland romance to sip your ale by, perhaps while snacking on some chicken wings, nachos, or some other type of delicious finger food. No haggis allowed here however.

Might I point you in the direction of a Chardonnay, the Queen of the whites, with its wider-bodied, rich citrus flavors? Recommended pairings are fish and chicken. I say pair it with a contemporary romance. There’s got to be a Nora Roberts book out there I haven’t read. Sushi anyone?

Then there’s the wine that goes with anything – a Merlot. Its round texture and black cherry and herbal flavors suggest a partnership with a riveting romantic suspense along with a gooey, oozy, cheesy, spicy pepperoni pizza.

How about the granddaddy of them all, a Cabernet Sauvignon? Full-bodied, firm and gripping. To be enjoyed with red meat. Permission granted to sink your teeth into a paranormal romance. Might I recommend a perfectly grilled steak?

Is there anything better then a straight shot of Canadian whiskey? Aged, typically lighter and smoother, you can’t help but marry it with a historical. So grab that jar of fire roasted peanuts for yourself and saddle on up to the couch with a historical.

What weekend is complete without a trip to your favorite coffee shop and a frothy cup of Chai tea latte? Or a London Fog, I can never decide. Back home again with a bag full of ginger cookies and a regency romance and you’ve have all the makings for tea in the afternoon.

If your tastes run more to a sharp, tangy lemonade or sweet iced tea might I propose a traditional romance or an inspirational romance. Enjoy them alongside a slice of a real deal, homemade chocolate cake smothered in rich, creamy chocolate icing.

Or mix and match any of the above!

Are there any other romance sub genres I’ve left out? What about other genres? What would you pair them with?

Pst – I’m actually overjoyed at having to stay home this weekend as my daughter is being confirmed on Sunday morning!


Janet said...

Love this, Karyn - absolutely love it. Made me hungry and thirsty, though :)

Let's see - how about a Mojito or salty lime margharita with a saucy chick lit?

Or a creamy hot chocolate, or even better, frothy mochachino with a romantic comedy?

And we're going to miss you in Surrey, but you WILL have a fabulous weekend as you daughter is confirmed. Enjoy the family time :)

Karyn Good said...

Very good choices, Janet. Mojitos and margharitas would go perfectly with chick lit. Hot chocolate and mochachinos for romantic comedies sound like a match made in heaven.

Have fun this weekend.

Hayley E. Lavik said...

A few from my own genre..

A strong black chai with just a touch of sugar for an immersive secondary world.

A shot of espresso for a sword & sorcery

And a glass of white milk and a bar of dark chocolate for high fantasy ;)

Now what about for specific books?

Karyn Good said...

Hayley, I was hoping you'd drop by to share.

Excellent pairings. Strong black Chai (my favorite tea right now) for exploring new worlds - perfect. Shot of Espresso for sword and sorcery - ideal for keeping one awake and reading deep into the night. Something light, something dark, good and evil, to be savored over the pages of a book mapping out another world - prime choice.

Specific books? Here goes.

On the menu, Gail Bowen's The Last Good Day, and in honor of her Joanne Kilbourn character and the beach and summer, I'd serve a punch: plenty of ice, loads of citrus, fizz and a mystery ingredient sure to keep everyone guessing.

connie said...


What perfect matches! What a terrific blog!
Have a great weekend.
ps I actually like haggis but it calls for many, many, many shots of Scotch (which is, of course, its main attraction). Do not use catsup. They will take away the totally muscled and VERY good looking laird whose lap you think you are sitting on...

Jana Richards said...

Hi Karyn,
I suddenly have an urge for single malt Scotch whiskey and a good old fashioned historical set in the highlands. Can't imagine why.

Fun blog Karyn. Keep cookin' them up!


Karyn Good said...

Thanks, Connie. And I'm all for something that makes you think you're sitting on some laird's lap!

Karyn Good said...

Thanks, Jana. Glad you enjoyed it. Have a great time this weekend!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Excellent post, Karyn, thought for a minute it was Friday. I don't know if you're following in Janet's footsteps or coming out of your shell, but I like it.

The first thing that came to mind as I read your question was a fantasy. I'd read it with a pina colada because that's as exotic as I get.

Then I'd pair a SciFi novel with orange flavored Blue Curacao liquor served in a clear glass.

Oh, and what about a glass of Sasparilla with a western. :)

And finally, a small glass of sweeeeeeeet Manishweitz (sp) with a historical biblical romance.

Okay, Janet's right... I'm very thirsty now.

Karyn Good said...

Great choices, Anita. Pina coladas, Blue Curacao liquor and Sasprillas - all very approporiate to the genres you mentioned. I've never heard of the last one but it sounds very interesting and very biblical!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Karyn, Manischewitz is a kosher Jewish wine. As a teen, I worked in some Jewish households in Wpg and it's the wine they always serve for Jewish holidays. When my hubby's dad married, he presented her with a bottle of Manischewitz even though she was a gentile, so I had the chance to try it as an adult. So sweet! One little glass and you had enough. But that's the way it's used in kosher ceremonies, anyway.

I do remember when I was working as a mother's helper at one of those holidays, the kids were off playing somewhere and the adults were doing their thing while I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Little 2 yr old Rachel came into the kitchen. She had her doll and went to sit under the kitchen table. That was normal so I went back to the dishes. A few mins later, she started singing and laughing. I ducked down to see what was so funny and her cheeks were red and she was... well, I guess she'd imbibed a bit too much of the wine. At that moment, her mom rushed in calling Rachel's name. I said she was down here. Red-faced, the mom took Rachel, mumbled something about about putting her to bed and left. It's the only time I ever saw one of the kids in that condition.