Sunday, November 15, 2009

Calling All Authors...

On Nov. 9th we received an e-mail from Amy Wilkins about a new digital publishing company, Carina Press. Since then, I've seen some buzz around the world wide web about this wonderful new opportunity for both new and well established authors. Here's some of Amy's e-mail.
Dear Prairie Chicks (love the name!),

As an aspiring author blog, I wanted to share some cool news with you that we hope will be of interest to you and your readers – today Harlequin is announcing Carina Press, a new digital-only publishing house that we plan to launch in Spring/Summer 2010. We are looking to acquire all kinds of stories – mostly romance and erotica, but also other genres like mystery, science fiction, etc. that Harlequin doesn’t usually consider.

...more information – including our submission guidelines, FAQs, and Carina blog – can also be found at

We would appreciate if you could help us get the word out by posting something to your blog, passing it on other aspiring authors you know, etc. – we are looking for great books starting today!


Amy Wilkins - Assistant Manager, Digital Content & Social Media
Harlequin Enterprises Limited
We hope you take some time to click on the link Amy provided. All the information about Carina Press can be found there along with submission guidelines. Carina Press may be just the publisher you've been looking for! If anyone has any other information on this new company, share it with us in the comment section.
Happy writing - and publishing :)


Helena said...

Interruption for this Flash ...

Thank you so much for posting this information, except for the time diverted from NaNoWriMo while I digested absolutely every bit of info on the Carina Press website and blog!

I think this might be the answer for my dilemma of length, not fitting genres, sub-genres, etc. I have to say, I am excited by the possibilities of this new market.

Now ... back to regular programming. (NaNo, here I come)

Amy Wilkins said...

Thank you to the Prairie Chicks for posting our big news! All the excitement around our launch has been now we're gearing up start reviewing submissions!

Helena, it's been so fascinating to see the mix of genres people have explored so far, such historical paranormal erotica. I hope Carina will be able to give excellent stories that defy genres a chance.
~Amy Wilkins