Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ingela Hyatt Guest Blogs This Saturday on The Prairies

This Saturday Ingela Hyatt will be guest bloggin here at Prairie Chicks Write Romance.

I’m a story teller and have been since the moment I could talk, according to my Dad. Whenever he caught me in a lie, I had no problem coming up with a dozen reasons why I painted the cat purple with green polk-a-dots, none of them true of course, but at least they were highly entertaining. It was at that time he knew I was destined for greatness... I would become a writer, a story teller who actually gets PAID to lie. What more could you possibly want in a career?

Writing has always been my passion, and it began in grade five when I was forced to either memorize a poem each day and recite it for the class, or write a poem and read it to the class. After reciting my first poem (The Cremation of Sam McGee) and hating it, I quickly discovered I had a talent for writing poetry and wrote about every topic under the sun, from fluffy white clouds to my big toe... *shudder* But it wasn’t long before I moved on to short stories, though I still had a habit of writing sappy love poetry which I wouldn’t touch now with a ten foot pole.

I was fourteen when I read my first romance novel, and suddenly a whole new world opened up before my eyes.But it wasn’t until the tragic death of my best friend, Carl, that I took a serious hand to writing, and completed my first fantasy novel at the age of 19. It would be a couple more years before I realized that romance was my true calling.

I LOVE history. To me there is nothing like knights in shining armour riding to the rescue of their beautiful, spirited damsels; of swashbuckling pirates stealing the women of their dreams; and devilishly handsome rogues fighting to the death for the lovely ladies who have unwittingly stolen their hardened hearts...

Check out her new release A Knight of Passion.

He is a desperate prisoner escaped from the dungeons... She is his beautiful and daring captive... Will his passion kill again?

Imprisoned by his look-alike cousin, Lord Reynard de Fauconer escapes with the aid of beautiful Lady Rianna de Termonde, come to marry the imposter Baron Rothwell. Desperate to escape his cousin's wrath, Reynard kidnaps Rianna realizing, though unbeknownst to her, he is her true betrothed, becoming infuriated when she does not recognize him. Racing across England, they fight brigands, hidden foes, and a love so passionate it threatens to destroy them both.

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