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Welcome Loree Lough

Book signings (and why we love to hate them)
by Loree Lough

Say the word “book” to an author, published or not, and you’ll likely see their faces light up. If we didn’t love books, we wouldn’t write them, right?

Say the word “signing”, and you’ll get a slightly different reaction as they flip through the definitions of ‘sign’ stored in their memory banks: Contract with publishing house? Contract with literary agent? Contract to seal a multi-book deal? Or better still, a movie deal?

Put the words together and watch the fun start! This simple two-word phrase can strike terror in the hearts of best-sellers and gonna bees alike. Like it or not, book signings are high on the list of awful, annoying, aggravating self-promotional chores such as enrolling at Internet social networking sites, creating a web site, blogging, and other equally agonizing marketing chores.

Over the years, I’ve logged close to 100 book signings, myself, and they’re higher than childbirth, root canals, and hearing “Yes, that was me kissin’ Bethanie Miller” on my “Most Painful Life Experiences” list.

‘Saddle blocks’, Novocain, and a kick to the shin helped dull the ache of the other stuff, and learning how to “put on” a good book signing made those events less painful, too. In the hope of sparing you some of the discomfort, I’m happy to share some of those learned-the-hard-way lessons here:

First, accept the fact that you’re going to sell books. Lots of them. And accept the fact that as a published author, book signings are part of your job, like owning a computer and having a dependable email program. And accept the fact that you’re gonna have to ‘do’ as many signings as possible to ‘hawk’ your latest novel.

If you can, choose a month or season that somehow 'connects' to your book's theme. (Like, if you write romance, Valentine's Day is a perfect date for a signing!)

If you're blessed to live in an 'author populated' area, invite them to join you. Multi-author signings are perfect examples of 'the more the merrier'.

Don't depend on the book store or organization to 'advertise' for you. Send press releases to the local papers, TV and radio stations announcing the date of the signing.

Don't depend on the book store or organization to provide a nice 'spot' for you to sit, either. Stash a card table and chair in the trunk of your car, just in case.

Don't depend on the book store to know where to 'put' you. You want to be as close to the front door as possible. So make a new friend of that store manager or whichever employee has been forced to don the Author Liaison cap, and volunteer to take over as many of his/her duties as you possibly can. They'll love you for it (and you'll sell way more books)!

Dress up your table with a tablecloth, a vase of flowers, a picture frame or placard that highlights your latest title. Display your books in a cool ‘stacked’ design to catch the attention of passers-by. Put out a bowl of candy or plate of cookies and invite people to have a snack. (They won't be allowed to wander the store while eating, so it's a perfect opportunity for you to talk with them!)

Put out a stack of business cards and don’t be afraid to hand one to anyone who dares make eye contact! They may not buy your book then and there, but you have at least a 50-50 shot at inspiring them to look up your web site. (Who knows, they might just go from there to Barnes and Noble to order your book!)

Don't sit behind the table like a banker whose sole joy in life is saying NO to a loan. Instead, stand in front of your table and smile! Say howdy as folks walk by. Tell mommies the baby in the stroller is a cutie. And tell daddies you really 'dig' their comfy lookin' plaid shirt. The idea is, don't just talk about your book. Give customers a reason to want to stand with you, talk with you. Ask them about their favorite author and book, and find legitimate connections between you and your work and that writer and his/her work.

Do not buy into the 'You can please some readers some of the time, but you can't please every reader' rule! Do you write romance? Then suggest to men who stop by that they should buy your romance for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, or mothers-in-law! Do you write hard-boiled detective stories? Tell the women who pause the book will make a great gift for their husbands, fathers, brothers... you get the idea.

The most important rule is, have a good time! If you're laughing and gabbing with someone, people might just walk up to see what all the fun is about... and if they can get in on it, so much the better!

A word of warning: Unless you're already a rich and famous author, don't expect to sell a lot of books. Moving a half dozen copies during an hour-long signing is quite a feat, so give yourself much-deserved credit! (And just between you and me? I attended the signing of a very well-known writer. I figured that since he’s a mega-hit, fans would wrap around the building a couple of times, so I got there an hour before the signing was scheduled to begin. Would you believe that—counting me!—only 21 other people showed up? And the 4’ tall stacks of books surrounding his table? All still there when the store closed!)

After the signing, ask the manager/organizer if you can sign the left-over copies and slap on an 'autographed' or 'local author' sticker on the front. (Bookstores will keep signed novels on the shelves, see, and might just use 'em in gift baskets or as door prizes during their promotional periods.)

Then clean up your mess and any litter left behind by people who visited your table, and return the area to its former neat and tidy state. Thank the manager/organizer on site, and on the drive home, treat yourself to a forbidden snack. You earned it.

When you get home, take a minute to pop a couple of good old-fashioned 'thank you' notes in the mail… one to the store manager, others to any store personnel who helped your hours at the signing table pass a little more quickly and efficiently. That little courtesy will go a long, long way in helping them remember you the next time you call to set up a book signing!

Here's hopin' your signing will turn you into the next bestselling author!

What would inspire you to attend a book signing… and what’s most likely to keep you away?

Loree is giving away a copy of Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska and a copy of Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania. So leave a comment with your email address to be in on the drawing for one of them.

At last count, best-selling author Loree Lough had 75 books, 62 short stories, and over 2,500 articles in print. Dubbed “edgy, heart-tugging adventures” by reviewers, her stories have earned dozens of “Readers’ Choice” and industry awards. Her current release is Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska.

You can find out more about Loree at:
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Loree Lough said...

7:30 a.m. here in Baltimore and I'm about to hit the road running. No, of course not literally. In this strange political climate, people would wonder what I'm running from (or to!) and dial 911!

I forgot to mention in my blog that it's a good idea to attach a fund-raiser to your book signing. Maybe the store manager/owner has close ties to a kid who's autistic. Maybe you or a relative survived cancer... or a loved one lost their battle with the horrid disease. Maybe you're 'into' animals and you know that the local shelter could use a few bucks for blankets, food, cleaning supplies.

So you CHOOSE a worth-while charity or 'cause' and promote the fact that you are going to donate a percentage of books sold to the organization. (If it's a multi-author signing, you've gotta get them on board, but believe me, that is NOT going to be a problem!)

You're gonna feel SO much better about yourself... and that much 'prouder' of each book that sells, knowing all the good your donation is going to do!

And the credit for reminding me I forgot to add this very important little piece of info goes to Laurean Brooks, friend and author pal. So thanks, kiddo, for nudging the idea to the front of my brain!

Now I'm off and... walking fast. First stop, hardware store. Next, post office. Then the bagel shop for fancy coffee and something with lots of cream cheese on it.

Back with you when I return, m'dears. Meanwhile, hope your Saturday will be splendid from start to finish!


Tammy Barley said...

Hi Loree! Fantastic article! Especially since I have a book signing coming up next weekend, Saturday the 21st!

I've read North Pole, Alaska (I'd have to in order to recommend it so highly, don't ya think?); I'd love to win a copy of the other one! =)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas! When I get published, I'll be prepared.

I'm looking forward to your presentation at the Pennwriter's Conference. See you in May!


Connie E said...

Please don't enter me in the giveaway for the book as I won Paradise on your last stop but just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the wonderful stories you write and hope that you are having a blessedly safe weekend!! Take care Loree! Thanks again!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Good morning Loree and everyone.

Connie? You may have won but your email address isn't working. Please come back with another one Loree can try. (Yes, I hosted Loree over at the Inkwell on Thurs, too.) Thanks.

Loree - I went looking for an actual pic of you from a book signing but couldn't find one anywhere. If you do have pics, they aren't coming up on Google images. And yes, I should've asked earlier but it was a last minute thought just before it went live.

Loree Lough said...

Happy you found the blog helpful, y'all!

I have a HUGE signing in Hanover, PA on November 28th, so this was a great refresher course...

...even though I didn't do a thing to get it off the ground. Credit for that goes mostly to Leah Morgan who, while having lunch with author pals Rita Gerlach and Wanda Dyson decided it was high time somebody organize a mega-event featuring inspirational authors for a change.

The response has been amazing. So far, 16 authors are participating in the event and people are coming from 5-6 hours away for this meet-and-greet. (I might do the same, considering there will be home-baked goodies, a Starbuck's coffee bar, Border's friendly personnel, and gift baskets galore!)

If you live anywhere near Hagerstown, Maryland, c'mon out and spend some time with us at the Hagerstown Hometown Holiday Book Festival in the Virginia Avenue Church of God!

See... now THAT's an example of how you should personalize stuff to (hopefully) inspire book buyers to attend YOUR event!) LOL

Now, don't forget to comment with an email address so you'll be eligible to win a free hot-off-the-presses novel (mine, of course LOL)!

And if you haven't heard The Big Secret about how I choose contest winners, let me know and I'll share!

Hope your Saturday is super so far,

Loree Lough said...

Hey Anita!

I've got the email thing all ironed out with Connie. (In fact, I mailed her prize just this morning!)

As for pix of me at book signings? I do have several but to be honest, I have to think about where to find them. If I can remember where they're filed, I'll send a couple.

Otherwise, y'all can use your imaginations.

Say. There's a question for the bunch o' yas....

What is the proper attire for a book signing? I'll wait a couple hours to see what YOU guys think, and then I'll admit what I usually wear. hehehehe

Robin Bayne said...

I have never seen you look bad at a signing, Loree. I like to dress in business casual for a signing, nothing uncomfortable!

All great advice! Don't enter me in the drawing either, since I have your books.

Hope everyone has a great day : )

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...great article Loree! You should reprint this in it's entirety (including the addition comments you made) in your CFOM column! People would love all this amazing info. It created a lot of lightbulb moments for me!

Blessings! ...btw..please don't enter me in the drawing! My present TBR pile more resembles a wall than a pile :-(

MSum865048 said...

Hey, Loree, it's meeee, Margie! Great blog... Interesting insight on what book signings are like from the other side of the table. I am not an author myownself, but I do go to book signings when an author I like drifts into town. There's something exciting about being in a crowd of other people who like the same author. I don't think I've ever been to a signing at a big-box bookstore, oddly enough; but I frequently show up at ones hosted by my two favorite local indie stores: Left Bank Books in St. Louis and Main Street Books in St. Charles. And of course if you should happen to have a signing in the greater StL area, I'd be there with bells on my toes...

Anita Mae Draper said...

I know what I'm supposed to where to a book signing but that doesn't mean I like it.

What I'd really like to see is an author wearing a chef's outfit if they write cookbooks, western wear if they write westerns, 'sunshine' colors if they write inspirationals, and a hunky male if they write romance. LOL

Loree, I'm heading to the city now to bring the little guy to his mtg. I'll check in later with y'all.

God's Writer Girl said...

Hi Loree,

GREAT advice! If you are an aspiring author, listen to what Loree has to say. She knows the business and is an awesome writer too!

I have another author friend who wrote a medieval book. At book signings she donned a medieval costume to help draw people's interests. And, it worked!

Hey, I'm glad you love Hanover so much! However, the book signing on November 28th is in Hagerstown,'d be all alone in Hanover otherwise! ;-)

That book signing should prove to be a blast. If people want directions or would like to know more about it they care either read the article I wrote (which tells you who all will be attending and a bit about each author):
or visit the website:

No need to enter me in the drawing as I am blessed to already have both of your books. I just stopped by to show support.

Kelly Kiggins-Lund
Philadelphia Christian Books Examiner

Helena said...

Hi, Loree. Welcome to Prairie Chicks!

I love attending book signings because it gives me an opportunity to say hello to a favourite author, or to see in person someone whose books I might want to read. I really like it when the bookstore has set it up as a reading AND signing. I know two independent stores that do that regularly. They get lots of people out, but I don't know if it results in greater sales. It might be worth a try to see if your bookstore would do it.

You've given us lots of good tips to think about. A long time ago I helped to organise a book signing for a local author. It was at a busy mall, the bookstore belonged to a chain that never paid much attention to local stuff, even books (their bread and butter!). It was a little disheartening, but if I had been aware of some of your techniques, I'm sure we would have done better. Now, when I start signing my own books ....
(I'm one of those gonna bees you spoke of)

My guess is that you dress in a bright, flattering colour, so people will notice you, but not so formal that you will scare people away. Comfort is probably a big factor for a day when you are spending a lot of time on your feet, meeting and greeting (and setting up and taking down).

Would love to win one of your books (but no, I don't know your Big Secret).


Loree Lough said...

YIKES! I can't believe I typed Hanover in my comment! Thankfully, I got it right in the other places where I mentioned the signing. WHEW! Cuz Kelly's right... it mighta been lonely on the 28th! LOL

I love Anita's idea of authors "dressing the part". Tammy Barley does that (photos on her web site for the curious).

Like Robin, I 'go' for business casual... leaning farther toward Casual than Business. I'm thinking maybe I'll check out What's In and Hot in fashion and design and see if I have something in my closet that'll look In and Hot for these upcoming signings. If not, I suppose I could don a thick robe and slippers and walk around with a mug of coffee... which is my work uniform most days. hehehehehe

Speaking of work, I think I'm going to see if I can get a little done between your comments.

Meanwhile, good to see all of you! (And Margie? I'm gonna make some calls and see about 'doing' a signing in your area. What a super excuse that'd be to give you a great big knock-you-on-yer-butt hug!)

Linda said...

Lot of good tips I've tucked away for future use. Someday. How does one get to be an honorary chick? Linda Rondeau

Brandy said...

Great ideas. Enjoyed them...Thanks for sharing.


Loree Lough said...

Y'know, I have no idea how one becomes an Honorary Chick! Maybe Anita or one of THE Chicks can comment on that!

And for your future reading enjoyment, might I introduce you to Bonnie Calhoun (who posted a comment), wearer-of-most-hats-including-publisher of Christian Fiction Online magazine.

If you're looking for reading material that'll satisfy your need to learn AND laugh? Do yourself a favor and check out CFO!

Loving the great assortment of comments we've accumulated so far, and can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings!

Tell your friends!

Say... there's an idea....

If 5 or more people pop in here and say "so-and-so sent me", YOU'll win a book, automatically!

Time for lunch, so I'll be back once I've devoured that left-over pizza.

Helena said...

Hi Everyone!

All our wonderful guest bloggers are Honorary Chicks. So Loree, as of today, you are an H.C.!!

If anyone is interested in guest blogging, just go past the list of Honorary Chicks, click on the link below the schedule for guests to e-mail your request for guidelines and available Saturdays on our calendar.

It's great to have so many of you visiting today. Thanks, Loree!!

Charity L. said...

Oh Wow!! Please enter me in your giveaway. I have been dying (not literally) to read these. Please pick me!!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in your drawing? Thanks!Lori Lyman

Susanne Dietze said...

I have never read anything giving such honest and helpful advice on book-signings, Loree. And I love the fundraiser idea. Thanks!

I would love to read your fabulous books! Please enter me in the drawing.

srdietze at sbcglobal dot net

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Cindy Sproles said...

Loree have more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Good advice from a pro. Much love, Cindy Sproles,

Rita Gerlach said...

Oh, boy. Did I need to read your blog today and all the comments. I have a signing at the Cokesbury Christian Bookstore in Catonsville, Maryland, (near Baltimore) on Saturday, November 21 from noon to 2, for my new release 'Surrender the Wind'.

I am not expecting much. BUT!!!!!

The Hagerstown event is going to be awesome! I think this is one of the best models for having signings that Leah, Wanda, and I have come up with...not to brag. It is amazing how it has come together. It isn't just going to be a few authors sitting at a table signing copies. This is a celebration of Christian fiction.

We'll have drawings for gorgeous gift baskets, a coffee bar, and a desert table. Proceeds from the desert table will go to an orphanage in China and a women's knitting group for the poor.

Authors are going to be mingling with guest, having photos taken with them. And will be will video taping the event! Watch out YouTube!

Thanks again for the post and the excellent reminders, Loree. I am really looking forward to meeting you.

Rita Gerlach

Loree Lough said...

So cool to see what you've all said in the comments box!

I'm hearing from folks who tried to post, but they're frustrated because their comments didn't 'stick'.

I think that might be due to a couple of things. For starters, the Word Verification requirement.

Or maybe they've used an html tag like the grin between greater-than and lesser-than symbols. Or they tried using bold or italics. None of which are allowed in these li'l comment boxes. (I know... rats and phooey! LOL)

It might also be the Identity section. Took me quite some time to figure out that you can choose Name/URL or Anonymous if you aren't registered with Google or one of the other providers.

I'm hoping that will help relieve some of the frustrations I'm hearing about via private emails. If not, well, we all appreciate that you tried!

And now I'm off to stir the beef soup I've been simmering for hours. And sneak a taste. LOL

See you soon!

Debby Mayne said...

Great timing on this, Loree! Sandie and I have a slew of signings in Tampa and Clearwater for the Be Still devo coming up.

Janet said...

It's a busy day here on The Prairies, today! Welcome, Loree - great post with tons of information that just keeps getting better and better as the day goes on. Good luck with your mega book signing coming up - sounds like it will be a fabulous day (I can imagine that group signings aren't quite so lonely and nerve-wracking as solo ones).

Funny you mention slippers and a robe - somewhere (I think here in one of our regular posts) we all discussed conference attire. A majority agreed that for one day all the attendees should wear pajamas, slippers, robes, sweats - seems we all like to work in comfy jammies :)

Not ready for a book signing yet - but I know I have this post to return to when I am scheduled for one. A great resource - thanks, Loree.

And thanks Helena for letting everyone know about our Prairie Chicks e-mail and becoming an Honorary Chick.

Loree Lough said...

An addendum to my last comment, mostly for my writer pal Rita Gerlach:

I'm going to do everything I can to show up for your signing next Saturday. And I might bring my 6-year old granddaughter with me. My daughter and her family live in Catonsville, so how perfect is the timing! (I've been promising her a day with grandmom, and I can't think of a better treat for a kid who loves to read!) After we've perused the books and schmoozed a little, we'll have lunch and maybe 'hit' WalMart for a li'l something special. And some early Christmas shopping.

Hoping to see you on Saturday, Rita. But if something comes up, you'll get your hug on the 28th!

Those of you who join us in Hagerstown won't be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loree!!

Ask and you shall receive. Here I am to post a blog with you. This is my first time doing this. Where in Hanover, PA is your book signing on the 28th? You know that I don't live far and maybe I could come and have you sign your book for me. On a more personal note Jack and I wish you and Larry are wonderful Thanksgiving!

Janet said...

Not sure about the comments - but if you follow Loree's suggestion by using the Name/URL option you can get in there. Just remember to type your e-mail into your comments so Loree has a way of contacting you if you win the prize. And if you use the Anonymous option, remember to type in your name and e-mail into the comment section.

If Anonymous (posted at 1:30) could come back and leave her name, that would be fabulous.

Loree Lough said...

Hey Diane! I'm sending you directions to the book signing in a separate email, but in case others here would like to attend, here's where you go:

It's at The Virginia Avenue Church of God in HAGERSTOWN, Maryland (NOT Hanover which I mistakenly typed in an earlier comment!).

I'll go fetch the exact address from MapQuest and come back with that info.

Meanwhile, thanks again for taking the time to visit, y'all. What a bunch of peaches you are!

Loree Lough said...

Okey dokie... here is the info about the Hagerstown Hometown Holiday Book Festival:

It takes place on November 28th, from 1-4 at the Virginia Avenue Church of God, located at

17306 Virginia Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Joya Fields said...

Wow, Loree! Cool stuff. I love the banker analogy (and the advice to avoid it)! I've seen so many authors sitting behind a table, looking bored. Instead of feeling drawn toward their spot, I felt the opposite.
Your ideas make a lot of sense and I can see how readers would feel more comfortable approaching an author if she was outgoing and didn't just talk about her book.
Thanks for sharing your hard-earned knowledge so we can know the short cuts!! :

merian said...

It actually let me in?

Thanks for all the info on having a book signing. One day I hope to put it all to use.

Mary Ann

Laurean Brooks said...


I think I made about 85% on the book signing rules. I hadn't thought of decorating my table, and though I've made phone calls afterwards to thank the staff, I've neglected to mail them personal notes.

I'm glad you told us not to expect to sell over half dozen books. That insured me that I'm not alone.

Next Saturday I will be part of a 5-author book sigining/Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser, held in a specialty coffee shop, an hour's drive away in McKenzie, Tennessee.

I'm getting excited. The event will include several local Christian contemporary groups, and refreshments will be lavishly passed around.

The proprietor's one-year-old grandson is afflicted with CF, so this fundraiser is close to her heart.

We are hoping for a large crowd; the press release has been splattered over 25 radio stations and a half dozen newspapers.

The one problem could be that the place is small. Probably not any larger than a typical living room-kitchen combined.

But...let the games begin! LOL

Thank you, Anita, for having Loree on Prairie Chicks. I always enjoy her knowledge, tips, wit and humor.

Hugs to both,

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Loved your article.

Diana said...

Loree; I agree with all of the above posts- you placed in a single blog the most concise advice for a book signing I have seen. One note to add- if for some reason, bad weather or a Steeler football game scheduled on the same day as a signing LOL - and folks just do not show up- be sure to take the extra time getting to know the managers of the store- that will go farther than you can guess with the placement of your titles and the re orders of it also!
Happy signings you dear published friends!

Laurean Brooks said...

Oh horrors! I forgot to add my email address for a possible win.

Oh, and I'm also scheduled to be at my first Book Fair on December 5. Just got the application in the mail. They want me to bring table decorations.

Does that mean that since "Journey To Forgiveness" takes place in 1938Chicago, I need a Glenn Miller album, pics of Clark Gable, a replica of a 1938 Packard (or other car)? Any other suggestions?

Check out the book trailer and excerpts at

I do wish I could find a hat from that era. Wait! I may have one. What about a table cloth? Should I use lace? What kind did they use in 1938 Chicago?

Maybe I should dress the part? Hmmm. Where could I find that kind of attire? But then, I'd probably be the only out-of-place idiot standing around. It could run folks away. Hee-hee!

Loree Lough said...

I love Diana's comment about what to do if a snowstorm or a RAVENS game or a hurricane stops people from attending your signing.

Hurricane Bertha caused a major meltdown for me years ago in a tiny little store in a faraway strip mall. I got to know that owner and his wife so well I could probably STILL tell their kids what they want for Christmas! LOL

I also love Laurean's question about how to decorate her table. That is an EXCELLENT point...

...decorations are great, but if they're somehow geared to the season or the theme of your book so much the better!

Now I have to put my thinking cap on and figure out how to combine Christmas and the 3 books I'm signing in HAGERSTOWN. (Don't want to make that 'other city' mistake again and end up sitting there alone! LOL)

Ugh. You know what awful thought just occurred to me? I'm gonna need to get into that closet under the stairs where all the holiday decorations are stored. The place where I haven't gone since I packed up LAST YEAR's Christmas mess. Where there are probably three families of mice and a couple thousand spiders living in the rafters.

Wish me luck, y'all. If I survive, I'll be back! LOL

Jana Richards said...

Hi Loree,
Welcome to the Prairies! Thanks for being with us and bringing such great advice.

I've never had a book signing since I'm epublished and so far none of my books have been put into print, but I'll keep your advice in mind for the future.

I really like the idea of linking your signing with a charity. I think it would make it easier to 'hawk' your books, since it's no longer all about the author; it's about the charity. And I really like the idea of doing a group signing. Safety in numbers, I always say!

Thanks again,
jana dot richards at hotmail dot com

Caroline said...

Thanks so much for the great blog post, Loree & all you other gals. Enter me in the drawing for the books.

Buukluvr81 said...

Hi Loree! Just stopping by to say hello! Please don't count me in the giveaway~~~I won a book at your last posting!~~~but I wanted to stop by and thank you again! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Take care!!


Edna said...

Loree you know how much I love you and your books, I would love to come to one of your signings BUT, there are not any book store in my little town and I could not stand in line long enough to get one signed, but if I could find you coming somewhere close to me I would drag me a chair around behind me so I could sit as I moved up the line. Please enter me into the drawing for "Paridise in PA" I already have "Love Finds you in the North Pole"

May God bless


Theresa N. said...

I love books and getting to meet the author well that's the best. I can see this isn't your first rodeo...:)
Theresa N

Anita Mae Draper said...

Jana - I know I'm not on form today, but I'm sure you had a book signing when we had the Saskatchewan Romance Writers workshop in Saskatoon when Donna Alward was there. That's where I bought your e-book. It may have been a small affair and only attendees were there but... it was too a book signing. :)

Laurean - so nice to see you here. I think seeing you dressed in 1938 attire would be fabulous. And there's nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd - especially if you want people to notice your books.

Loree asked the question... what would draw me in to a booksigning - well knowing that the authors would be dressed according to their stories would ensure I was there just for the entertainment value alone.

God's Writer Girl said...

Hey Loree,

Not sure what you should wear for Paradise...for Be Still of course you would wear finger nail polish...for North Pole you could wear a hat and scarf like the girl on the cover.

Night! I'll see you on the 28th & probably talk to you before then.


Jana Richards said...

Hey Anita,
I completely forgot about that! I guess because my manuscript wasn't a print book but on CD. That was actually a very relaxing and laid back kind of day because it was among friends. I hope when I have a book signing some day with a book in print (I can only hope!) it will be just as relaxing and fun.

Carole said...

I'm not an author, but I've been to several book signings and appreciated your suggestions. If all authors followed these guidelines, I believe the signing would be much more pleasurable for both parties and undoubtedly more books would be sold.

I've heard great things about this series and would love to try one of these books. Thank you for the giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Loree Lough said...

Another drum roll, please as I announce the lucky ladies dear old Cash has chosen to win LFY in Paradise or LFY in North Pole:

Carole and Theresa!

I have your email addresses, so I'll send a confirmation to you both there, with questions like...

where do I send the book!
how would you like it autographed?
which of the 2 available titles would you like?

It has been a genuine joy, spending time here with all of you! I hope to come back often and soon!

Until then, may the good Lord shower all of you and those you love with joys too numerous to count!


April said...

Hi. Please enter me. Great interview. I have been to book signings with my daughter to babysit, but until had to retire was never interested. Since last year, I think I would enjoy them myshelf. Wish there where more in the Eastern North Carolina area. Hard to travel so far. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hey big sis,
So proud of you and all you do.
Who would have ever imagined that the big sister that told the greatest bedtime stories, who always had a shoulder to lean on, was always there to give great advise (to even the silliest of questions) would compose such great works (at least that's my opinion)and articles. Yea big sis. Keep on doin' what you do best, imagine and create.
Love you,

Merry said...

Great ideas for a book signing and making the author approachable.
I'd love a chance to win one of your books. Thanks!