Monday, December 14, 2009

Lisa Mondello's Winner

Sorry for taking so long with this but Lisa emailed yesterday for me to pick the winner and in true hostie fashion, I said, 'Moi?'

I sent her back a email saying, 'No, you do it.' (Well it was nicer than that but I'm paraphrasing.) Then I headed south in this bitterly cold weather we're having and took the boys swimming.

So it's Monday morning and Lisa hasn't responded so I guess I do have to pick the winner. I really don't like picking, but here's what I did. I assigned a number to everyone who commented on Sat barring me and Lisa. Then I went over to and made a random generator for nbrs 1-6. And #2 won.

Vince! You lucky Honorary Prairie Dog, are the winner of Lisa Mondello's 2 book set. Congrats for the 2nd week in a row. Nice Christmas present, eh. :) Send me an email (anitamaedraper (at) anitamaedraper [dot] com) with your mailing address and I'll get that off to Lisa.

Thank you Lisa for the generous giveaway and for everyone else for visiting.

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Vince said...

Hi Anita:

I'm delighted. I am going to gift wrap the books and put them under the tree and see how the family reacts when I open them and say who they are from! : )

BTW: the email address you gave me came back and I checked it and it looks like I did not make a mistake.

Would you please send me an email at: vmres (at) swbell (dot) net and I will reply with my snail mail address.

You can also use this postal address to mail the books as my school address is of public record:

Vince Mooney Real Estate School
4867 S. Sheridan 715
Tulsa, OK 74145.