Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Martinis, Cookies and Johnny Reid

I should be making lists of all the things I have left to accomplish but at this point what gets done, gets done and what doesn’t – well, doesn’t. And writing? Not happening at the moment, although I did wake up at five o’clock in the morning the other day with an idea that morphed into an idea for another trilogy. That’s what I need more ideas for new books. Not that I’m ungrateful, I’m very grateful, but it’s hard to resist the temptation to dive in and get started. I wonder if deep down it’s not a stalling tactic? Because I probably should finish the first book from the first series first. Right?

Must. Write. Faster. Or rewrite faster. Or something.

Does that make sense?

Probably not, but that might have something to do with the Sour Grinch martinis I had last night during my book club’s December Christmas ‘meeting’ where we did not in fact discuss a book. Go figure. Not that we haven’t read great books this year because we have, and we actually discussed them - over wine, good food and lots of laughs. If you want recommendations I’d be happy to give them.

Where was I? Oh yes, writing! I figure that’s what Book In a Week (BIAW), which my writing group (SRW) participates in every January, is for. I will get back into the swing of things and continue on with my revisions. On a crazy wishful thinking whim, I had written down a writing goal for December, which included seeing chapters six, seven, eight, nine and ten completed, but God laughed, good naturedly of course, and sent me down a different path. I just realized there were forty words in that last sentence and eight comas. That can’t be good.

Did I mention those martinis were very tasty?


Back to the idea of lists! Or better yet what to give my blogging friends this holiday season?

Music. It’s all about holiday music this time of year but this is a romance writing blog so here’s a little romantic something to take you away for moment from the hectic pace of the season from my new favorite country artist, Johnny Reid, called Dance With Me. I LOVE this song.

They say smell is the sense most connected to memory but also that it also works in conjunction with taste. Here’s something that incorporates both, the Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. This is no exaggeration, it is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the universe! Don’t take my word for it, whip up a batch of these and prepare to be amazed. I LOVE these cookies.

So enjoy a little music and a cookie and Happy Holidays from my house to yours!

Are you writing faithfully through the holiday season or have you taken a holiday break? How do you plan to get back at it in January? And if you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe feel free to share. Or a favorite song. Or a favorite martini.


Yunaleska said...

I'm definitely writing - not really much of a winter holiday person.

Janet said...

My list for this blogpost:

1. Ha - welcome to my life with so many ideas running thorugh my head I don't have time to think of anything else but characters and plots :) (Interested in knowing about the new trilogy, Karyn - gonna share?)

2. Sour Grinch Martinis - Must. Get. Recipe. They sound wonderfully sour in a grinchy kind of way. I'll be asking for recommendations in the New Year - for books, not drinks, although...

3. Must set goals for the New Year - including sectioning off a chunk of time for BIAW. I love BIAW - really kick starts the whole writing year, doesn't it?

4. Big Johnny Reid fan - and I love that song. Right now, though, I'm overdosing on Toby Keith's greatest hits CD. Have to look out Christmas CDs since it 'tis the season.

5. Made shortbread cookies yesterday and have only 5 left. I DON'T NEED ANOTHER COOKIE RECIPE - no matter how great they are. But I will bookmark this for future baking spells, perhaps a batch for BIAW?

6. Check out my blog (blatant self-promotion) on motivational quote inspiring me to keep going. And ideas to squeeze writing into the busy holiday season.

7. A Merry Christmas to you and yours, Karyn. Great post :)

Karyn Good said...

Hi Yunaleska. I'm glad to hear someone's writing! Hope it's going well and hope you're being very productive!

Karyn Good said...

Hey, Janet.

1. If only writing the books was as easy as coming up with the ideas! Three boys who are abandoned at birth and raised together and become Michael (the warrior), Gabriel (the healer) and Raphael (the messenger). It has a kind of a pre-apocalyptic feel to it. I'm kind of excited about it so I need to getting working.

2. So many book recommendations...

3. Love BIAW! Can't wait!

4. Yes to Toby Keith and his greatest hits.

5. The good thing about these cookies is you can make them anytime.

6. Will check out your blog :) And speaking of promotion, I think Jana is blogging elsewhere on Friday? Must check her website.

7. Thanks :D Enjoy the season

Helena said...

Karyn, it happens at this time of year -- book clubs don't discuss a book, and at my writers' group meeting last week we didn't look at writing (talked about it in general, of course, you can't get writers together without at least talking writing), but no critiquing. Instead we had a gift exchange (specified in advance as books, limit $10) and a meal at a restaurant.

As I've mentioned before, since NaNo I have been doing the research that I identified during November, plus general reading on the fifties, and watching movies set in the fifties. By the time I get back to writing, I'll be immersed in the decade -- might even be wearing drapes and saddle shoes!

Our book club choice for January is Water for Elephants which I understand was begun during a NaNo month.

Trying not to think about cookies.

Your post is a nice reminder that even if we are distracted by other things, our minds keep churning out the ideas and even rewriting what we've already got on the page. Amazing!!

Karyn Good said...

Hi Helena. I love my book club, we must be getting close to ten years together now! We haven't read Water for Elephants but I've heard many wonderful things about it. Our (The Sanity Seekers) next book is Still Alice which I know nothing about but should probably start reading.

Saddle shoes and drapes - I think I saw an outfit like that while I was out shopping! We recently rewatched Stand By Me which is a coming of age story that takes place one Labor Day Weekend in the late fifties when a four of boys go searching for the dead body of a local teenager. Such a great movie! I can think of worse ways to spend your time then immersed in the lifestyle of the fifties. Good luck with your research.

Cookies and research go very well together. And a steaming pot of tea. Especially in this part of the world. Just not too many cookies!

Joella said...
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Hayley E. Lavik said...

I'm finding a few more interruptions emerging around the holidays, but at least we only had one office Christmas party to attend. Having a home office had some advantages. Overall though, I'm still writing regularly. I stick to Hubby's schedule, and Hubby pretty much never gets Christmas off. This year, in fact, rather than getting time off, I'll be writing 14 days straight on his schedule.. how fun is that? I don't think I need to worry about losing momentum -- burn-out, however ;) As for picking up in January, some of the awesome developments I've had lately will probably keep me going quite well.

As for cookie recipes, I tend to go for the Golden Crisco standard. Drinks, you'll have to wait a couple weeks. Song, here are a couple of my favourites at Christmas:

Carol of the Bells (in all its incarnations, from Claymation Christmas, to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's version... with inexplicable anime video accompaniment)

Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan - God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen/We Three Kings

and Breton Carol

Jana Richards said...

Hi Karyn,
Sorry I didn't respond to your blog yesterday. Busy, busy, busy.

"Dance with Me" is my favorite Johnny Reid song. It is very romantic and I imagine it is about a couple married for a long time and dealing with all the struggles of daily life. But they still find a few moments for each other.

Cookies. I'm doing my best to stay away from them, but that will probably go out the window soon. I need to do some baking.

There will likely be no writing coming out of my computer until after Christmas. But I hope to kick-start my writing and myself at the beginning of the New year.

My advice for when new ideas sing their siren song before the old project is finished: devote some time to the new story, writing down everything you know about it, including snippets of dialogue. And then, once you have it out of your system, set it aside and go back to your WIP and finish it!