Friday, December 18, 2009

Summation, New Chicks, and a Contest...

About 12 months ago, five of us decided to embark on a blogging adventure. And what an adventure it’s been! We unfortunately lost one of our original Chicks (shout out to Suse), but gained three others (Helena, Connie, and Molli) who blogshared on Tuesdays. We started hosting authors on Saturdays – our first Honorary Chick, Donna Alward, will return close to the first anniversary of our inaugural guest blog; watch for that on Jan. 23, 2010. And we’ve been thrilled with the response from you, our readers. Who knew back in that dark, cold month of December that a year later we’d have 75 followers and an Honorary Chicks list that reads like the ‘who’s who’ of current romance authors? What a year!

To celebrate the success of Prairie Chicks Write Romance – and to thank you, our readers – we’re holding a contest. Each of the Chicks will be writing a special holiday blog next week, starting Sunday when our newest Chick, Hayley, will kick off the contest. There are seven of us, so next Saturday will belong to Helena. The week after Christmas, each of us will post a Christmas Recipe (some will be the perfect solution to holiday leftovers). To enter the contest, all you have to do is comment. Once, twice, every day for the entire two weeks – you decide, remember the more you enter, the better chance you have at winning. Everyone who leaves a comment (with their e-mail addresses, please) will be entered in the draw for a fantastic gift basket. Each of the chicks is contributing something to the basket, so it’s going to be full!

Now, wait a minute? Did you say newest Chick Hayley? Why, yes, yes I did! There will be some other changes to the Chicks’ blog starting in the New Year. Molli is taking some time away from the blog, but she’ll be back. Hayley will be taking her place. And we’ve recruited two other Chicks who will add their own unique perspective as they move toward their writing and publishing goals. Joanne and Anne bring our number to nine. We’ve incorporated a jobshare strategy. Here’s the line up for the New Year (and links to those Chicks who have a personal blog and/or website):

Mondays – Jana, Helena
Tuesdays – Hayley, Joanne
Wednesdays – Karyn, Anne
Thursdays – Anita, Connie
Fridays – Janet, special*

*The special will be a different blog post every second Friday. You’ll have to come back to check it out!

And we’ll be continuing with our Honorary Chicks on Saturdays starting Jan. 9, 2010 with Pamela Callow. Remember, if you want to guest blog, our e-mail link is in the sidebar. We’d love to have you become an Honorary Chick, too!

So, People of Blogland:

In summary – a year of wonderfully educational and entertaining posts, authors sharing their wisdom and inspiration, fabulous readers who have become a part of The Chicks’ family.

Welcome – to the New Chicks on the Prairies (could be the name of a rock band). We’re looking forward to your posts and sharing in your writing journey.

Contest – just leave a comment over the next two weeks (Dec. 20 – Jan. 2) for a chance to win a gift basket from The Chicks as our thanks for being such great supporters. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail in the form of dots and ats to wreck havoc on those nasty E-mail Trolls.


Helena said...

Janet, since I was not on the original Chicks roster, I feel I can take the liberty to congratulate you and the other four originals for getting this great blog going. And how quickly has this year gone anyway?

Since I became a Chick rotating Tuesdays with Molli and Connie, and managing to meet my deadlines by the skin of my teeth most weeks, this has become a part of my life. Reading the other blogs and commenting is like going for the mail or shopping for groceries. I need it to make my life feel complete. Staying in touch with the other Chicks and the regulars in the comment section is so inspiring to me in my writing life that I cannot imagine being without you all.

I'm looking forward to blogging on alternate Mondays with Jana, and to reading all the new contributors who've come on board. Molli is very *special* to us and we look forward to when she will come back and fill that spot.

Thank you, Janet, Anita, Jana, Karyn, (and Suse in the early going) for all your work in the inaugural and continuing stages!!

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait!

xoxo~ Renee

Heather said...

I am already anticipating future posts.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Congrats.

Janet said...

Thank you, Helena. I can't believe how well this blog has done, the authors we've hosted, and the quality of posts that go up day after day. To be a part of it is truly magical.

And I agree with you on how this blog has become part of my daily routine. The great thing is that even if I'm not writing, I still feel connected to writers. And writing stays at the top of my priority list - I don't know if that would happen if I wasn't involved with the blog. Some weeks I think that the blog writing is all I do - and then I remind myself that I AM writing! Every week!

Now with our new schedule, it will be every two weeks - but that's OK, I'm looking forward to the different perspectives our new bloggers will bring. Should be another exciting year!

Hayley E. Lavik said...

It's been quite a fantastic year for the Chicks, building up a very impressive platform. I'm looking forward to joining everyone full time in the coming year and both venturing into new genre topics, and bringing new genre topics to the blog.

(Fun fact, apparently I already missed Eventide's anniversary, which was on the 16th. I swear I started blogging after Christmas.)

Janet said...

Hey, Rennee - I think it should be a lot of fun. With seven Chicks, the Christmas stories and the recipes are sure to be varied! I'm looking forward to it, too :)

Thanks for visiting.

Janet said...

Yikes! Sorry, Renee, I got one too many n's in your name when I responded. It might help if I didn't have my cereal bowl in my hands as I'm trying to type :)

Janet said...

Looking forward to having you visit, Heather. Fellow canuks are always welcome on The Prairies :)

Janet said...

Thanks, April. Don't forget our contest doesn't start until Sunday. Make sure you come back and leave a comment with your e-mail address. And if you comment every day, your chances of winning are multiplied by 14!

Janet said...

Hey, Hayley, we're looking forward to having you become a Chick full time. And your perspective, along with Joanne's will be all the more interesting since you write fantasy!

And congrats on your one year anniversary! Where has the time gone?

Jana Richards said...

Hi Janet,
I can't believe a year has gone by already! Seems we only started this blog yesterday. It's been a wild and crazy ride.

I agree with you about the blog becoming part of my life and my writing routine. It's been a place to get and receive information, to vent, to celebrate and commisserate. Thank you to my fellow Chicks and to all our readers.

And I'm thrilled to have all our new Chicks join the flock!


Karyn Good said...

Taking a breath and checking in! Can't wait for the New Year and all the things that will be happening on the blog. So excited to have Hayley, Joanne and Anne (my Wednesday partner) on board!

Wow - one year! Who'd a thunk it? And cheers to another successful year :)

Vince said...

Hi All:

This is a wonderful site that attracts interesting authors and entertains very thoughtful discussions. I like the idea that you can add to the chicks. New blood, new beginnings, it should be an exciting New Year!

Are you going to have a “Chick of the Year” or a “Visiting Author of the Year” or “Prairie Romance of the Year” (for books that take place on the prairie)? I always like awards. And you would be the experts on the “Prairie” Award. Maybe you could even get a little Prairie Dog trophy! : )

Janet said...

Hey Jana - it is amazing! I always look back at this time of the year and try to list the things I've accomplished. At least I can say I wrote almost every week (there was the brief move across the country in the summer!). And I'm very excited about the New Chicks, too. If this year was wild and crazy, imagine what next year will bring - maybe a couple of posts on some of us Chicks getting "The Call" (or all of us :)

You're blog hopping today, right? I'll post the link here so our readers can go check it out!

Janet said...

Cheers to you, Karyn - you sound busy. It's been a great year and the next will be even better. I'm looking forward to it, as well.

Janet said...

Hey Vince - good to see you. Since this is our first attempt at a contest, we'll see how that goes before we initiate anything else. But your idea for having an 'Honorary Chick of the Year' would be good - very hard to pick, though. We've had some amazing guest bloggers from our first, Donna Alward, to our interview with Brenda Novak, the best sellers who stopped by (including Susan Mallery and Mary Balogh), and new authors, like Lisa Marie Wilkinson, who have much to teach us unpublished auhors hoping to get "The Call". We've had authors who've written inspirational romance, erotica, historical, westerns, suspense, paranormal, regency, young adult, pirates - in fact, we may have covered all of the sub-genre catagories. We've even had an executive editor with one of the newest digital publishing companies in the business, Angela James of Carina Press. And that's just a portion of our guest blogger line up. Yep, it would be a hard decision.

Thanks, Vince, for helping me to remember all the great guests we've had on The Prairies. As for "Chick of the Year" - well, it takes a whole hen house to produce such an amazing blog, and entice authors to come for a visit, so I vote for all of us :)

Hope you keep reading in the New Year :)

Sahil said...

Wish all your friends and families and everyone around a Merry Christmas by visiting a new unique way of sharing your thoughts and expressing your feelings.

Silver James said...

I'm always behind these days! I'm finally making the time to go back and read each of the holiday entries from you chicks. Janet, I'm looking forward to the new chicks and their insights, as well as the tried and true voices of the Old Chicks. ;)

Plus, contest for the win! w00t!