Friday, February 19, 2010

Name Picked for Lisa Wingate's Grandprize Draw

On Feb 11th, the Prairie Chicks hosted Lisa Wingate's blog tour.

This morning I assigned a number to each person commenting on that post who left their email address and I entered the numbers in a random generator. I love this generator because it proved itself a true random generator by picking number 1 which is the one number no one usually picks when you ask them to pick between 2 numbers.

And who owned #1 on this day.... 


So DebH's name has been sent as an entry in the fabulous Grand prize Drawing of Donetta and Imagene's Texas Road Trip Basket (approximate total value over $150).

Congratulations DebH and good luck in the Grand prize draw!


The winner of Lisa Wingate's grand prize draw was Tammy Griffin.

I'm sad that our own DebH didn't win, but hoping it brings Tammy joy.

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