Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Sara Taney Humphreys

Musical Marketing Muse

Soundtracks for movies and television shows are standard. In fact, a really great movie or show is often instantly associated with kick ass music. Well thanks to my old college buddy and DJ John Campbell...I found the soundtrack for Book 2 in my shifter series.

Actually, I had been in a major writing rut. Completely blocked. Book 2, Amoveo Heart was not coming to me as easily as the first book did. At any rate, John wanted to interview me on his weekly radio show and had gotten some musicians who were willing to let me use their music as an intro for the interview. He sent me the links and the second song I listened to stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe it. It was as though this song was written just for the heroine in Book 2. Amazing! The combination of the lyrics and her hauntingly beautiful voice were absolute perfection. I immediately contacted the artist and asked if I could use her song for Amoveo Heart's book trailer. Gratefully both she and her record label said yes!

Then I had an idea to take it a step further. Luckily, she is located not far from me and as a new musician is looking for new opportunities for exposure. Why not have her play at my book launch/signing? Gratefully she agreed. Amy played at a couple of my book signing events and it really brought a great bit of texture to the signings.

The song that sparked my creative juices and woke up my muse is called "Honey on the Skin". You can find Amy Petty and her spectacular music on her website

John connected me with another awesome musical muse. The Strike Nineteens. TSN are a band of adorable guys from Scotland. Ladies...think William Wallace/Braveheart accent....yummy. Their music is gritty and intense. These darlings actually wrote me two songs! One of which will be on their new album "Screams for Denver" which will be released this Spring. I look forward to checking them out LIVE when they come to the USA later this year.

You can check out their music at

Cross marketing with music is fun and a little outside the box...just the way I like it.

Sara Taney Humphreys
Sara's novel, The Amoveo Legacy is available now. Watch for the second and third book in The Amoveo Series coming soon. Be sure to check out Sara's website for detailed information.


Janet said...

Welcome to The Prairies, Sara - great to have your visiting with us today.

And great post! We've spoken here many times about music and writing - the inspiration and the background noise as we write - but never have we thought to take it further and add it to the marketing aspect of our work.

And how cool is that - having two songs written for you! Wow.

Looking forward to the discussion you're post will generate :)

Vince said...

Hello Sara:

I like your idea of tying-in with musicians. In the internet age, both authors and musicians face similar opportunities and challenges. I can see the time when an eBook will come with an actual soundtrack. This may first happen when a musician is the principal character of a novel and the reader gets to actually hear sound clips that are worked into the story.

Could you work this theme into a story? Could you have a shape shifter who changes into music and exists as sound energy? Just imagine two shape shifters making love in their music/energy state. They could literally be making beautiful music together. They could become one with the music and one with each other.

Imagine that this ‘music’ is embedded as an MP3 in the eBook? Hearing the book would be as important as reading it.

Just as ABBA songs were made into the play ‘Mamma Mia’, so too could a novel be written with the songs on an album playing into the theme. The first book to do this and do it well should garner a PR bonanza. This could be you! : ) (Amy Petty looks like she might make a nice heroine.)

You really have something here. The marketing potential seems unlimited. I’m going to have to watch your career now because as a marketing person myself, I love creativity.

I do have some questions about shape shifters. Are there rules for shape shifters? Like do they have to be immortal? Can they change into anything even pure energy? And what is the primary allure of a shape shifter? Is there a 'must' shape shifter scene like the ‘bite’ scene in a vampire novel?

I don’t know a lot about shape shifters but they seem to be very popular and might replace vampires in popularity at the box office in the future. It is just going to take a breakthrough novel. Maybe you could write it.

Thanks for posting today. You have started my day with a lot of creative ideas to think about.


Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the post. I hope to use one both of the original songs in upcoming book trailers. :)
Have a great day!

Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Hi Vince,
I love that idea of a shape shifter actually turning into music. Very interesting.

Regarding your questions about shape shifters... The shape shifters really can have the ability to shift into anything...or only one thing. It enitrely depends on the parameters of the world the author has created. My shifters, The Amoveo, are only immortal once they've found their mate. However, that immortality is revoked if their mate dies. Amoveo can only shift into their clan animal. However, they do in essence turn into pure energy when they travel--they can travel at the blink of an eye. Their "Bite", so to speak, in the ability to shift--their pure animal instincts and primal drive is their allure.

I have some other great marketing ideas for the music and my book series. I have some other work in my capapble agents hands.....stay tuned.


Joanne Brothwell said...

Welcome, Sara - your post reminded me of a few songs from a movie soundtrack that I listened to repeatedly while writing my novel. There was just something about the music that kept me in the right head-space as I wrote.

I guess we are all artists, and need inspiration to keep our creative fires burning.


Karyn Good said...

Hi Sara. Huge welcome to the Prairies today.

I have to listen to music when I write. I use it to inspire me, to generate mood, etc. Songs like Dance With Me by Johnny Reid. I love how you've taken it one step further and incorporated it into your marketing strategy.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Congrats, Sara on being able to find music to enhance your trailers.

I really like your post.

My daughter creates lyrics and music on the piano but she's not into it enough to write them down. Someday I'm going to tape her and see if I can digitally transcribe/transpose (?) her music into sheet music.

Thanks for visiting us. You've given me some lovely ideas both for my daughter and my writing. :)

Jana Richards said...

Hi Sara,
Thank you for being our guest today!

What an inovative idea! As someone with zero creativity where marketing is concerned, I'm in awe. But like Vince said, writers and musicians face some of the same challenges, so teaming up is a great idea.

I wish you much success with your endeavors.