Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome Silver James

If It's Friday, I Must Be On The Prairie

Howdy, Prairie Chicks! This is the Prairie, right? I've been dashing from one end of the world wide web to the other here lately. I traveled to the Spicy Side, hung out with a community of MamaWriters, and now I've logged my way here to the vast Canadian prairie. Whew! Good thing I glow. An intrepid writer on a blog tour never perspires. Heaven forbid their Degree fail and they actually sweat! Before my “world tour” is over, I'll also visit the Plotmonkeys in their jungle, Long and Short Reviews, and places I'm sure I've forgotten about until my iPhone calendar ding-dings to remind me. Luckily, I could pack light for this trip. * twirls* Like my outfit? Vera Wang. And my pearls arrived in this lovely blue box. Tiffany's, you know. I could dance all day in my Jimmy Choo stilettos. (Just ignore the writer in the fuzzy slippers and raggedy sweats hiding behind the monitor. She is not the author you are looking for....)

The day every writer anticipates with heart in throat, skittery nerves, and a stomach heaving...wait...too much TMI? Okay. I won't go there. Today is Release Day™ for my debut novel, FAERIE FATE. Going the publishing route I did, my book isn't on my local bookstore shelves. Yet. It'll be available at and B& and a few other on-line book stores at any moment. For now, it is available in both print and ebook editions at my publishers website: The Wild Rose Press. We just paused for a short commercial break. Back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Am I walking on air? Yes. Am I exhausted? Yes. Do I have any advice to give? Awww, c'mon! Would I be me if I didn't have advice? I think we need balloons. And sexy men! Or...better yet, sexy men with balloons! Yes. I know. The balloon says “Happy Birthday.” No. Really. Look closely. I'll wait. * hums * * whistles * *checks nails * Ahem. Done? * hums some more * Time's up. As to the sentiment, sending a book out into the world is much like giving birth so I figure it's appropriate. However, as much as I'd like to go into explicit detail and a step-by-step explanation of throwing a virtual party, I won't. I figure most of you know how to do that. Instead, I'm going to talk about a few things I did to get ready to launch FAERIE FATE out into the public.

Some of you hang around at my place, Penumbra. I've been blogging and showcasing my work there for over three years now. In that time, I developed my “author's personality,” and my “brand.” There's been many discussions about “branding.” I just sort of stumbled around in the shadows while mine evolved. My bookmarks and new business cards are variations on the theme of my site's header. Here, let me formally introduce myself. “Hello. I'm Silver James. I write romance with magic and mystery. Step into the shadows with me.” FYI? My new business cards list only my name, website, email, and the two tag lines—Romance on the front, Shadows on the back. If someone needs my phone number, I'll write it on the back. I learned this from Julie Leto, a NYT best-selling author. People can contact me from the information listed. Name, brand, contact info. Short and sweet. And complete strangers don't have more information about me than they need. Vistaprint is my friend—and yours! I spent about $30.00(US) on my first set of business cards. I still have a boxful. They have EVERYTHING on them: book cover, name, full address, phone... Way too much information. The second set? I spent about $7 on postage. By using one of Vistaprint's designs, I receive 250 cards free. Yes, FREE! I only paid postage. I also used them for my postcards—though they cost around $30.00, too. I ordered my bookmarks from a graphic artist friend, Ashlynn Pearce, who designed them. A thousand cost me about $90.00. Both of my covers are on there so I can continue using them. As some of you know, again using Vistaprint, I ordered coffee mugs, tote bags, and spiral notebooks, all with FAERIE FATE's cover, as giveaways for contests. All together, I've spent less than $200.00 (US) to get a set of goodies to advertise me and my book. OH! I almost forgot. Earthly Charms. I ordered a small roll of “Autographed Copy” stickers from there for $8.00 and postage. I am doing the literacy signing at RWA Nationals so I'll use them there. And I'll autograph copies of FAERIE FATE to send out to winners of the various contests as I introduce my baby to the world. See? Normally, a “new mom” GETS presents. When you are a writer, you give them! And speaking of, one randomly picked commenter will get their choice: a print copy of the book or a download of the ebook in the format of their choice. I'll also send along bookmarks and other goodies.

The other thing I've done? Just exactly what I'm doing here. I contacted bloggers and sites that host authors for guest blogs, interviews and spotlights. That was the easy part. The hard part is figuring out each blog post. While a virtual blog tour is a lot of fun, it isn't for the faint of heart! (Or those suffering from writer's block!) If any of you want a guest blog when your time comes, I'll be first in line to host! Promise. Yes! Exclamation points! Hey, I'm a little excited at the moment. I'm still wearing that “new mom” glow.

And now, if you'll indulge a stiletto-wearin', Snoopy-dancin' debut author, I'd like to share my cover and a short blurb:

If you could go back, do it over again, would you take a chance to find true love? What if you had no choice?

On her fiftieth birthday, the faerie catapult Rebecca Miller a thousand years into the past to find her happily ever after with Ciaran MacDermot, Chief of Clann MacDermot, the last Fenian warrior in his line. In the twenty-first century, Becca is old enough to be Ciaran’s mother. In the tenth, she’s young enough to be his bride.

The fae forgot to mention one slight stipulation. The lovers must be bound before the Festival of Light, or Becca will forever disappear into Tir Nan Óg, the faerie Land of the Ever Young. Will they discover the binding words before time runs out and they’re torn apart forever? Or will their eternal love defeat their Faerie Fate?

Without the words, history is doomed to repeat itself.


Janet said...

WOO HOO, Silver! What a fantastic day - and I can say, "I knew here when..." I'm so very excited for you and excited for us Chicks that you've returned to The Prairies on your release day. Welcome and congratulations.

I've been taking notes on your promotion tactics. As a recipient of one of the Faerie Fate notebooks, all I can say is "Wow". It's beautiful - and what a great giveaway. The coffee mug is also a good idea. I've checked out Vistaprint and am very impressed. I understand you have a basket of goodies in Brenda Novak's auction, too?

Looking forward to getting my hands on your book (Amazon, hurry up, would ya). And our discussion here today. Off to check out the other parties you're hosting (good one going over on your blog and Alannah's).

ev said...

So as I drink my morning wake up brew from my FF coffee mug, planning my day in my FF notebook and then taking my FF tote bag on my shopping trip for the day, I'm just popping by to stalk (LOL) and say YAY!!!

Not that I can't wait for Sony to get the danged link up or anything. And I am taking my champagne, chocolate and hunky men with me!! (I wonder who's driving?)

Paula R said...

Hey Silver, I am snoopy dancing with you girl. I am not as fashionably dressed, but I am enjoying the party. Happy Release Day, mommy!

The blog was very informative. I remember Jules telling us about Vistaprint, that is definitely something to keep in mind for future reference.

I didn't get to finish yesterday, because errands and such took much longer than I wanted. I will probably finish FF tonight, since I am covering detention. I will let youknow what I think. I have to go, but I will be back to visit you in the Praire.

Hey Janet and Ev.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Paula R said...

Oh Ev, normally I would be the designated driver, but after all the partyin' Ima need a lift too...LOL!!

Peace and love,
Paula R.

ev said...

So we need a DD. I know, let's get LG to do it!! Maybe put HIM in a kilt. Do kilts go with cowboy boots and a hat???

Janet said...

Didn't we get Gerard Butler to drive the last party bus? Can someone check to see if he's still available?

Joanne Brothwell said...

Congratulations Silver! This is an exciting day indeed.

Your book sounds soo exciting. I'll be definitely checking it out on Amazon.

But first I'm off to your blog....

ev said...

No, Jerry, David and Adrian are all too busy to drive. LOL

Liza said...

I brought the bartenders over to Silver's blog...maybe they will be glad to drive us all home after the parties. Woohoo Silver!!! I'm totally snoopy dancing with you too!

Silver James said...

Janet, thank you and the Prairie Chicks for making me an honorary and for wanting to listen to my rambles from time to time! Y'all rock! Really and truly! I feel right at home here.

Your day will come. I'm convinced of your talent. And we will rock the web-verse when it does!

Silver James said...

Hi, Ev! LOL! I hope FF pops up on Sony. If not, you can get it at Wild Rose sometime today! If it does appear on Sony, please let me know?!?

Driving? Who got the party bus out? Oh dear. I'd better get home and chaperone. ;)

Silver James said...

G'morning, Miss Paula! Nice to see you...everywhere! LOLOL

Hope you get to finish the book today. I want your "unbiased" opinion. ;)

Silver James said...

Wait. Ev? You've seen LG. Do you REALLY want to see him in a kilt? I love him dearly and that's not a place I'd want to go...just sayin'.... ;)

Silver James said...

Thanks, Joanne. I hope you enjoy it (or maybe win it today! LOL)

Silver James said...

Liza and Ev, you guys are too funny! Thanks for all your hard work with the party planning and prep. ;)

Julia Smith said...

Happy Release Day, Silver!

'* twirls* Like my outfit? Vera Wang. And my pearls arrived in this lovely blue box. Tiffany's, you know. I could dance all day in my Jimmy Choo stilettos. (Just ignore the writer in the fuzzy slippers and raggedy sweats hiding behind the monitor. She is not the author you are looking for....)'


Hope this day is as exciting as you always dreamed it could be.

Silver James said...

Julia, so far, it's been a pretty awesome day! I have good friends to celebrate with, I'm having fun, and I can click on my publisher's site,, and B& and see my cover and my name. Heady stuff, that!

Paula R said...

Whew, it looks like I made a clean getaway with Gilles and will be a tough fight getting them off my hands. Silver, do you know what I had to go through to wrest them away from...ahem, ev and someone else? I ran out of there so fast I didn't even see who had Adrian. LOL!!!

I will give you my unbiased opinion Silver. I am loving what I am reading so far. I will finish it tonight.

Quite the party in the Shadows today. I can't remember it being so bright in there...LOL!!!

How are you feet? Did you kick off your Jimmy Choos yet? I am so happy for you. And, I am so proud of for you Silver.

Gotta check out MamaWriters, went this morning, but couldn't find the party.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

ev said...

Put the boys back where you found them Paula. Good girl.

connie said...

Hi Ho Silver!

Really happy for you! I'm not a magic and mystery fan if the cover shows a sparsely dressed red head with a bigger bust than mine. But this book sounds really interesting so, you will be the first magic and mystery writer I will read. And I'll be waiting for the next two.
I'll be over to B and N shortly. (Lord! What if I find a sparsely dressed etc on the cover??)
1. Who is LG
2. Is HE availabele for my birthday? (never mind the balloon)
3. You have a heck of a background! Do you ever use it when you write or write inspite of it? I have a time keeping the black stuff out of my stories. Have you ever considered a police/detective/forensics style book?
Amazing blog. I will now try to find some more blogs and look up Vistaprint.
Many, many, many sales!

Silver James said...

Hi, Connie! LG is Lawyer Guy aka my dear hubby of 27 years. No. Trust me. You do not want him at your birthday party! The balloon guy? I'll happily loan you!

In FAERIE FIRE, the second of the FAERIE Tale books, my hero is former SAS (British special forces). There's lots of guns and explosions in that one. In the 3rd book, FAERIE FOOL, the hero is a SWAT sniper and the heroine is a psychologist. I'm also working on a paranormal series where my unifying character is an FBI agent. So, yes, the long answer to your question is, I do draw on my background when I write. I just like my mystery/thriller books with a bit of magic/paranormal involved. Since there aren't many out there, I started writing my own. :D

Thanks, Connie!

Janet said...

Hey, Silver - just wanted to drag myself away from you party over on Penumbra to thank you for stopping by The Prairies today. It's been a pleasure having you - and helping you celebrate your debut release.

We wish you many, many sales. And we'll get you back here when the second in the trilogy (FAERIE FIRE) hits the stands in September of this year.

OK, I'm either going to bed or heading back to the party - if I go back to the party, I may not make it to brunch tomorrow. Girl, you do know how to entertain ;)

ev said...

BTW, anyone have a pin??? I really wanna pop that "balloon"

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Silver, I read this early this morning but wasn't able to comment at that time.

Major congrats to you!!!

Sounds like you're doing all the right things. I'm going to copy your post and use it as a model for me. :)

Enjoy your blog tour. You've earned the right.

Looking forward to reading Faerie Fate.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Oh, I forgot... If any one of you artistic types want to create some Prairie Chick bookmarks, we can get them printed cheap at vistaprint and I can bring them down to give away at RWA.

I'm looking forward to meeting Silver there!

Silver James said...

Great to see you, Anita. Better late than never, right?!?

Not sure if I'm doing it right, but at least I'm doing, LOL! I'll have a better idea after the first set of sale numbers come in after this quarter. I have my fingers crossed. :D

Silver James said...

Prairie Chicks and Janet, thank you so much for sharing the day with me. The party's still going on at my place if anyone wants to drop by.

In the meantime, I have my weird little random number critters doing their evil math. I'll notify Janet of the winner soon!

Have a great day!