Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome Guest Blogger Tory Richards

It Feels Good Coming Out of the Closet…

I was young when I decided I wanted to be a writer. I loved fairytales, and the whole happily ever after thing. I was naïve enough to believe that’s how life was. So I began penning short love stories on notebook paper. Spending hours in my bedroom writing, when my parents thought I was doing home work.

I’ll never forget the day I told them what I wanted to be when I grew up. Their laughter was a crushing blow I doubt they ever truly realized. I immediately began to think that there was something wrong with being a writer. I was sorry I’d told them. I curled up inside, and from that day forward kept it a secret. I became a closet writer.

So it was with some surprise that I received the requested type writer for my 13th Christmas. It was a manual because word processors and computers hadn’t been invented yet, to my knowledge anyway. I still have unfinished manuscripts, the paper yellow and thin with age, that were typed on that typewriter. And back then I’d typed on both sides to save paper. Eventually I graduated to an electric typewriter, and finally my first computer when I was a ripe old forty something.

The words of those old stories are almost impossible to read today, but I swear some day I’ll put them on the computer and do something with them. One is a historical that is 400 pages!

There were years that I didn’t type a word because life got busy. But the thought of writing was always in the back of my mind, and I never gave up on my dream. I was able to get serious about it again a few years ago. I found the guts to tell my daughter and niece the truth. Mainly because my niece told me one day that she wrote stories. They convinced me to let them read some of my stuff, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams and submit to a publisher. I finally found encouragement after a lifetime of being a closet writer.

It felt so good coming out. And two months after submitting my first manuscript to Whiskey Creek Press I had a contract offer for my book. It was on the publisher’s best sellers list for two consecutive months! What a confidence booster that was, which brings me to my latest release. Talk Dirty to Me comes out with Ellora’s Cave on May 24th, and is my first erotic romance with them. If you like short, hot reads then you’ll love the sizzling story of Blake and Lilly.

Blurb –
Lilly has been in love with her brother’s best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he’s back for her brother’s wedding, and he’s as sexy as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly’s even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don’t make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off limits!

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One lucky commenter will be randomly chosen to receive a download of TALK DIRTY TO ME! Winner will be announced on my blog one week from the posting date of this article.

A little about Tory Richards…

Tory is a multi-published, best selling author who lives in Florida with her soul mate and three crazy cats. She likes to travel, preferably by cruise ship, and doesn’t like to fly but will if she has to. She collects antiques and art. Loves chocolate, who doesn’t? And good coffee.

Tory has wanted to be a writer since she was a kid, only life got in the way of her dreams. A few years ago, with the support and encouragement of her family, she decided to get serious. Her romances are laced with humor, suspense and sizzling sex.

Talk Dirty to Me is Tory’s first erotic romance with Ellora’s Cave and she vows it won’t be her last!


Liz Fichera said...

Good for you for not giving up on your dream!

Karyn Good said...

Hi Tory. Warm welcome and thanks for joining us here on The Prairies on this Victoria Day long weekend.

Congrats on your latest release, and for hanging in there and making your lifelong dream come true!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Welcome to the Prairies, Tory.

I wanted to be a secretary so instead of an academic high school, I enrolled myself into a technical vocational one. I fell in love with shorthand because it was the perfect vehicle for my writing... my hands/words actually kept up to my wild imagination. I wrote a novella using shorthand alone. And now I can't read it because I lost my shorthand skills. :(

When I married, my hubby gave me a portable typewriter for our first Mother's Day together. I reminded him we didn't have kids yet, nor was I pregnant. He said it was to celebrate the kids we would have one day.

Best wishes with your writing.


Jana Richards said...

Hi Tory,
I can relate to your story because it took me a long time to admit to anyone that I wanted to write. I guess I was afraid they'd say "Who do you think you are?" Maybe I was afraid I'd fail miserably so I didn't talk about my goals. It feels good now to be able to share my love of writing with people who feel the same way. It's great to be out of the closet!

Thanks for being with us today, Tory.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the lucky few who have a dream from a young age and actually reach it. I am happy for you. Congrats.

Heather said...

HI Tory,
Thanks for sharing your story. Unlike you, I tell everyone that I am going to be a writer. I've learned that approach works for me. I've done it several times, like when I started running or when I was training to run a 1/2 marathon. At first some thought I was joking, but now they know when I am serious and I get lots of support that way.

my daughter also intends to be a writer. Along with my son (who hates anything to do with writing) the three of sit and talk a series I am planning to write. We are still devising the main characters. What a blast to have them so involved.

I hope that you are getting chances to talk with your niece about her writing.

Tory Richards said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the warm welcomes and stopping by to leave a comment. Good luck!

Thanks Liz, Karyn and Patsy. I guess I didn't realize how much of a dream it was for me until I received that first contract.

Funny story Anita. Or maybe not:) At least it wasn't a long story.

I kind of felt the same way too, Jana.

Heather, every time I see my niece we talk about it. Right now she's in college so that takes up a lot of time. She reminds me of me when I was her age. I only hope she doesn't wait as long as I did before getting serious.

Tory Richards said...

Jana, thank you for having me as your guest today. I'd love to reciprocate if you're interested.

Helena said...

It's a good thing (but only for this reason) that it's pouring rain on my part of the prairie right now. It chased me to my computer and I was reminded that it was guest blogger day! (Otherwise, the rain is interfering with the farmers' seeding and the long weekend campers)

I love hearing the stories other writers tell of their hopes, dreams, successes, etc. However, I think you are the first I've heard tell of such a put-down that you totally retreated. Thank goodness, you didn't actually stop writing!

I dreamed about it for a long time, but didn't write much until recently. Now it's foremost in my life.

And Tory, I'd love to have your "hot words" stored on my computer! Thanks for being with us today.


Mary Ricksen said...

I admire your courage to follow your dream. I totally get it. And that's why you can take my words to the bank! Congratulations and good luck, you are an author!!!

Amber Scott said...

What a heart-wrenching personal story and I love your title! I never realized just how lucky I was to have a mom who encouraged my dream even at age 4 when I first told her. Thank yo for sharing.

DebH said...

hi Tory
as a new mom, your tale about how your parents reacted to your dream is a cautionary one for me. i want to keep your story in mind so that when my son shares a dream, i won't crush it with an innocently inappropriate response.

thanks for sharing your pain and your gain. realizing a dream, even belatedly is always wonderful.

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