Friday, May 14, 2010

What Do You Write?

I'm not sure if this is going to work, but I thought for this Wildcard Friday it would be great to open up the blog to you, our readers.

What do you write?

Tell us if you write contemporary, historical (regency, western, medieval), paranormal, fantasy, suspense, women's fiction.

Do you write in more than one genre?

Do you write under a pseudonym?

Are you published or unpublished?

I'm really hoping all the Chicks play along - it's been a while since we introduced ourselves. And we've increased our readership since our new Chicks joined the fold. I also hope our readers will introduce themselves and share with us what they're writing. We'd love to know more about you and I'm sure you'd love to know more about each other :)

And since I'm posting, I'll start:

Hi, my name is Janet and I'm a writer. I began my journey writing Medieval Romance (and still have a great love for the subgenre). My subsequent ventures have been contemporary with a definite humorous twist. I also have a Woman's Fiction WIP that I'm trying to get finished. I am unpublished, working hard to get published. I write under my own name, Janet S. Corcoran, but am thinking of taking on a pseudonym for my romantic comedy (Sym Murray).

Now, People of Blogland, it's your turn. Tell us what you write!
(And if you're not a writer, tell us what you read)


Lu said...

Hi Janet and chicks,

Great idea for a post. It's always nice to get to know people better, and refresh memories.

I write contemporary romance, and have dabbled in romantic suspense and paranormal. Invariably my stories veer toward the steamy end of the spectrum. Don't know why, they just do LOL. I would love to write an historical, they're my favorite genre to read. But not sure I'm up to the research involved. If I do take the plunge, you can be sure it will be hot! hehe

I'm about to published with The Wild Rose Press *squee*. Signed the contract about a month ago, and am going through the editing process now. And having a blast! My story is a contemporary novella. You can be sure I'll announce the release date the second I get it, hehe. My pen name is Grace Hood.(maternal grandmother's first name and paternal great-great grandfather's last name)


Karyn Good said...

What a great idea for Wildcard Friday!

I write romantic suspense but would love to add more paranormal storylines to the mix. Presently I'm sticking to category series length but see myself venturing into single titles in the future. I hopelessly addicted to the idea of writing series. Is it steamy? I guess it depends on your idea of steamy :)

Major congrats, Lu! Can't wait to read it.

Silver James said...

G'morning, Chicks! I'm Silver James (pen name but answer to it as fast as I do my own now! LOL). I write romance with magic and mystery. That means I'm a cross-genre writer. I have one time-travel paranormal book out, one reincarnation/paranormal coming out in September, and a humorous contemporary novella under contract--all with Wild Rose Press. I also have a full fantasy/scifi romance under consideration with a NY publisher. Fingers crossed on that one.

I write what my imagination dreams up and always have, though there is usually some sort of paranormal overlay or component in the story.

Nice to meet all of you!

Janet said...

I'm so happy for you, Lu - congrats again on the publishing news. Can't wait to read it!! Keep us informed as to release date - and think about guest blogging here on The Prairies (afterall, you've been very supportive of us - we would love to help you promote your book).

Love your pseudonym - and great way to come up with something that's easy for you to remember and has good memories.

Are you still working on your witch story?

Janet said...

Thanks, Karyn - I worried you Chicks would think I was being lazy with this post! Hopefully, we get lots of our readers 'chatting'.

I love you 'series' and I believe you have the writing chops to go single title. I've also read some of your paranormal - love it.

BTW - steamy? Um, yes!!

Janet said...

Hi, Silver, glad to meet you!! I've known Silver for a while now, yet have never physically met her. She's one of those writers whose support and encouragement mean the world to me. And can the girl write?

I'm in the middle of her debut release, FAERIE FATE, and am loving it. Wishing I had more time to do a sit down and read through - but I am savoring!! I've known the characters for so long, it's nice to spend time with them in longer sections. I can't wait for the next one out in September, FAERIE FIRE!!

Molli said...

Hi all. I'm one of those on-again-off-again writers (wince), and so far I've done contemporary somewhere between sweet and steamy with some success in contests but not with publishers.

I don't have the same compulsion to write that I've read about with other writers. I started because I've been a reader for fifty plus years: romance--generally short contemporary and single title historical, biography, historical fiction, general interest, paranormal, etc., etc.). After putting one-too-many published romances down in disgust I decided I could do better. I still think so, and although I've been on hiatus for a good number of years with job/family/professional commitments, I'm getting ready to settle down to give it another go.

And congratulations, Lu--that must be so exciting.

Heather said...

I like to read romance, but at present not interested in writing one.

I find my plots I devise are all mysteries. I wrote my first and it involves a missing treasure, travel and a bunch of quilters who use their skills find the treasure and the missing owner.
I've started putting together the characters for my next mystery and am having a lot of fun with them.

Not published, but perhaps in the future.

Helena said...

Hi Janet, you foxy Chick! Okay, I agree. You've got a fascinating post going on here today.

I put off my writing career until it didn't let me any more. So I had to get cracking, making up for lost time. Way back I thought short stories were my thing, and I do occasionally write one, but they don't come easily.

One day I decided I'd write a romance, and ten years went by. I dreamed up several plots, and finally started one. However, my story doesn't really fit category romance as I thought it would. If there's such a thing, it could be called a contemporary-historical (mid-20th century and beyond). Being cross-generational, tho not a family saga, it probably fits as women's fiction. Started another novel during NaNoWriMo last fall, same genre. Almost forgot, I have also started a screenplay version of the first novel. Sure will have that story chewed up by the time it's finished!

I also write creative non-fiction, primarily in the memoir and travel categories, and have been known to write poetry on occasion. But please, someone tell me to just focus on my novels!!!

Helena is a pseudonym, which I use for blogging as a Chick. My complete pseudonym (tba) will be used if I ever get published in the romance field (to keep my genres separate). I chose the name because ever since I was a young adult I have frequently been called Helen by mistake. So I added an 'a', and became Helena (pronounced Helayna). Now, my fellow Chicks sometimes slip up and call me by my real name. What the hey!

Don't worry, I'll get it sorted out if I ever get close to having a book published.

Jennie Marsland said...

Hi Janet, as you know,I write historicals. My first, which came out in print from Bluewood Publishing in January, is a Western entitled McShannon's Chance. My second, which will be out some time this summer, is a prequel. It follows the same family, but it's set in the Yorkshire Dales. My stories are more sweet than steamy. I'm told they remind people of 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.' I'd characterize them as a nice, easy read.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Congrats, Lu! TWRP is a fantastic group to work with. I'm not pubbed with them - yet :) - but have one I'm working on with them. I love their chats.

I write Prairie stories - mostly historical, some contemporary, all inspirationals.

And I guess this is as good a place as any to say I DID NOT final in the Genesis contest. :( I spent last night grieving and am back to normal today. Now awaiting the results from the Touched by Love contests while continuing to work on Emma's Outlaw.

Good idea for a post, Janet. It's like the roll call over at eharlequin every few weeks on the Sub Care Group thread.


Hayley E. Lavik said...

Definitely worth revisiting now and then, Janet. And this is your regular Friday, isn't it?

I write fantasy with a healthy dose of moral ambiguity, and subtle forms of magic. I also work with occasional romantic subplots that, while not the focus of the story, play integral parts in the growth of the characters.

I have a few novels germinating that step out of (or deeper into) my usual genre, one wildly different from what I usually write, but I think it's inevitable that everything I write will have some element of that uncertain folkloric tone.

I'm published in short fiction so far, and an associate member of the SFWA. I write under my own name.

Perhaps we should look into pages to get some info up permanent? Only a few of the Chicks have other platforms to find info on.

Janet said...

Hi, Molli - it's good to 'see' you again on the Prairies! And I'm so glad you're getting back into the swing of writing.

BTW - I've read some books like those you described!

Janet said...

Hello, Heather! So you write Cozy Mysteries (I believe that's the term)? I love a good mystery and when the sleuth is someone out of the ordinary - even better. I'm in the middle of writing something similar over on my personal blog - a serielized story with an accounting clerk trying her hand at being a private eye.

Good luck with the next book in the works - and thanks for following us Chicks :)

Janet said...

Just focus on your novels, Helena! There, I've said it - but I think you write wonderful short stories and your poetry is lovely :)

Glad you stopped by and brought us up to date on your writing. And thanks for sharing your pseudonym story with us - I never knew why you chose that name until now.

Janet said...

Hey, Jennie - good to see you over here. Just to remind everyone, Jennie was a guest blogger here on The Prairies earlier this year and if you haven't read her story of publication, type Jennie's name into the Blog Search at the top of our blog and have a read (it's quite the story).

I loved Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman! You're book is on my TBR Pile - oh, if there were only more hours in the day (or less Day Job...)!

Janet said...

Ah, sorry about the Genesis Contest, Anita. Got my fingers crossed on the other one! And so glad to hear you spent a bit of time on grieving, but are back in the saddle again today.

Not sure if you've mentioned the novel you have with TWRP - good luck with that one, too :)

Janet said...

The move threw my posting out of whack - so I'm off this month. I figure since I'm the one doing all of the Fridays, I could just run with what I've got. I'll get back to normal in June (fingers crossed).

I thought about doing the pages when I first discovered them, but knew I didn't have time to get it sorted out and posted. And if I sent an e-mail with the suggestion, I'd feel responsible for getting it done. I think pages are a great idea (10 pages, 10 Chicks).

Of course, I also thought pages for our Honorary Chicks would be a great idea. We'll have to discuss through e-mail.

Hayley E. Lavik said...

Something for the honorary chicks would be good, to keep our sidebar from getting overwhelmed (and more quickly noticed). We've got nine chicks right now, so could do a page each and one for the guests, but then we won't have any wiggle room. Perhaps just an About page for each Chick with a short bio each? We could set up a short template to ensure everyone includes the same info (genre, pub/unpubbed, website?)

I can send something out in a bit. You don't need to feel obligated to run the whole show here :) I'll just wait until my brain clears out a bit.