Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unmasking the Author with Jacqueline Carey, today on Eventide Unmasked

Don't forget to stop by Eventide Unmasked today for an interview with NYT bestseller Jacqueline Carey, whose latest release, Naamah's Curse, comes out this month! Jacqueline shares her creative process, approaches to research and time management, and thoughts on the detailed world-building her works are famous for.
...I had a good ten years as a struggling writer, and my work took a quantum leap in caliber when I took a real creative risk with Kushiel’s Dart, both in terms of a highly unlikely protagonist in Ph├Ędre, and turning loose my naturally baroque literary voice.  As far as the switch to a male protagonist goes, I felt strongly that that was where the natural narrative arc of the series went, and I wanted to work with an editor who felt the same way.  Any writer wanting to make a living at it would be foolish not to consider issues of marketability, but ultimately, it has to be a labor of love, too.

Make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of Naamah's Kiss, newly released in paperback, and this beautiful bookmark inspired by the novels, made by Angela Sasser, multi-talented artist extraordinaire, and moderator of the Kushiel's Legacy art group Night's Doorstep.

Click here to read the whole interview!

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