Friday, July 9, 2010

Motivation - 80's Style...

It's come to my attention that there's a few writers out there experiencing a less than enthusiastic attitude toward their dreams! In various places around the blogosphere, I've noticed writers getting down on themselves for not pushing forward - others lamenting the lessened desire to follow their dreams. I'll put up my hand right now and admit that I am one of the writers who seems to be in a funk.

It could be the weather - torrential rain and violent storms on The Prairies, a heat wave on Canada's East Coast. Perhaps, as my good friend Silver has suggested, a planet is in retrograde (still not sure exactly what that means, but I firmly believe that the planets and stars, moon and sun effect our outlook and our energy). A certain person - not naming names - actually talked about walking away! Now if that's the weather or the planets, then we've got to do something about this because this writer is talented and needs to keep plugging away (hope she's reading while on vacation).

So - all of this got me thinking that we need a motivational party. And it's Friday - a perfect day for a party. Let's get it started:

One of my favorite movies about going after your dreams, working like a dog to pay the rent and improve your craft, not to mention there's dancing (I'm all about the dancing) - I give you Flashdance! Alex Owens has a dream - to dance for a real dance company - and she goes after that dream even when the going gets tough.

Doesn't that get your toes tapping - and maybe a little desire to reach for that dream?

What would a motivational 80's party be if we didn't include a power ballad. Pretty lame, if you ask me! This ended up being a theme song to a movie, but it was originally written as a tribute for Rick Hansen - THE man in motion. And check out some of these lyrics:

Play the game, you know you can't quit until it's won
Soldier on, only you can do what must be done

Now, Rocky is not an 80's movie - but I consider 1979 close enough. An underdog in the biggest sense of the word, Rocky works hard to live his dream. And if anyone hasn't seen the new Rocky (Rocky Balboa), let me tell you, it's the best one! But this is the 80's (79's) and we need to remember Rocky's stuggle to win! (For a fabulous Rocky quote click here)

Feeling motivated? Starting to get that enthusiasm back - ready to tackle your dreams with the determination and persistance needed in this biz? No - then how about this:

"If you build it, he will come!"

Yep, Field of Dreams. Talk about a man's dream and facing the impossible, the ridicule, the unbelievers! I couldn't download the trailer - which has some amazing motivational lines - so here's the link Go right to the end - the voice over gave me chills.

There are so many 80's movies and songs to choose from - but like every good party, it must come to an end. I hope you've been motivated, inspired to keep working at your dreams - because if you don't, who will? I'll leave you, People of Blogland, with this 80's classic - and the question 'What motivates you when it just doesn't seem like you can put one more word on paper?'


Karyn Good said...

What motivates me when the going gets tough? Going to the bookstore! As an unpublished writer, if I do not write, if I do not push past any insecurities, blockages and life 'moments', I'll never have a book on those shelves with my name on it. And that's what I WANT, darn it, so I have to do it.

My favorite 80's movie from your great list - Field of Dreams. LOVE that movie!

Jana Richards said...

Hi Janet,
Yes, we all need a good, swift kick in the pants every once in a while. In fact yesterday I had the day off and just couldn't stay seated in my chair to work on my WIP. So thanks for the reminder to stay focused and work hard, not to mention all the cool 80s stuff I haven't seen for ages! Loved the quotes on your blog. You can't go wrong with Rocky or Mahatma Ghandi!

p.s. A good thing to motivate when you're feeling down, check out how many famous writers, from J.K. Rowling to Stephen King, were rejected multiple times before being published. Sometimes it's all about persistence.


Silver James said...

Hee! I'm having flash backs now! Thanks so much. LOLOL.

When a planet goes into retrograde, the areas that planet "controls" get all fouled up. Blaming events on "Mercury is in retrograde" is a polite way to say you're out of sorts without taking personal responsibility. ;)

However, I pushed through to the end. SOTW has been pushed out the door with nary a whimper. I'm doing a little housekeeping (on the computer and in RL), though I have opened FOOL and am reading through it in preparation for starting back to work on it. I have about 55K words to go on that puppy. I only wrote 9K before I got distracted. LOL

Now, who's thinking about quitting? I will take you out behind the shed and give you a firm talking to! There's no quitting in baseball...OR writing! (Or crying either! LOL)

Ban said...

honestly? the thought that someone might find my unfinished, lame, half-@$$ed attempts at writing should I suddenly die spurs me one sometimes. At least it makes me eager to transcribe all my written notes to a secure, password protected file on my computor, which usually leads to a short burst of manic typing ... ;)

Anita Mae Draper said...

Oh, good ones, Janet.

What motivates me? Reading a good book. :D

Or reading over my idea file.

Thanks for the entertaining videos.


Julia Smith said...

Well, you know I love Flashdance - goes without saying. Also love the first two Rocky's. What can I say - I'm a ballerina-loving boxing fan.

But the Chariots of Fire opening sequence is my favorite. What an opening shot! One long trucking shot where key characters run into the shot and then move on - and no editing. And I've always been a huge fan of Vangelis' music.

Staying motivated definitely takes effort a lot of the time. But that's the only way we'll meet each other on the bookshelves!

Janet said...

Great way to motivate, Karyn - I'm going to have to give that a try :)

I, too, love Field of Dreams! Can't believe it was 20 odd years ago - man, I'm getting old.

Janet said...

I bet you were in your garden, Jana! We've been having glorious weather and I'm finding it very hard to stay at the computer after I'm done the Day Job!

And you just clued me into the fact that I have quoted Ghandi and Rocky in the same blogpost. You can't go wrong with them, but it's not often you see them together ;)

Janet said...

Ooh, I like not having to take personal responsibility! I'm going to use that one more often - thanks, Silver!!

I'm not quitting - I was actually talking about someone else. As I said to Karyn recently, I just need to find a window, because the door just won't open!

Janet said...

Ooh, I like that motivation, ban. I could see me finishing stuff just because I don't want to leave it unfinished. And then after that, well, who knows, right?

Thanks for suggesting that - it really resonated with me!

Janet said...

You're welcome, Anita. And thanks for adding your tricks to re-motivating yourself.

And if you hadn't guessed, I love the 80's :)

Janet said...

Julia - I forgot that you were a film major! I understood, back in the day of Chariot's of Fire, that it really was a major 'filming' masterpiece. And it won a ton of awards! The music - who couldn't think of men running on the beach in slow motion when you hear that music!

I have to know - have you seen Rocky Balboa? Honestly, if you loved the first two Rockys, you're going to love Rocky Balboa!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I've been struggling with motivation lately, but not for the reasons others have cited here. For me, reaching a goal is a bigger problem than striving and not getting there.

I expected to be so excited when Maelstrom came out, but instead it was kind of a let down. Now what? Marketing. Ugh. Write something else publishable. Like who needs that kind of pressure?

Writing was more fun Before.

Janet said...

Wow, Ann - so glad you commented. I always thought that once you were published, you were well on your way - motivation was high, inspiration even higher. I never thought of it being even harder!

Hope you can find some motivation to keep going (with marketing your fab book - note to readers, click on Ann's name and head over to her Maelstrom blog to find out about all of her characters and the amazing premise to her book - you won't be disappointed - and with getting back to writing), Ann.

Hmm, just had a thought - maybe that's why writing is so unmotivating for me right now. The 'biz' has taken a bite out of my enjoyment. Something to think about - again, thanks for sharing your candid thoughts, Ann! You've definitely given me something to chew on.