Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prairie Chicks Welcome Staci Helling - Calling All Authors...

There's a new digital first publishing company and they're calling for submissions. LazyDay Publishing, LLC will launch Dec.1, 2010. And they're looking for more than just romance - Sci Fi, Women's Lit, Western, Mystery, and more.

LazyDay Publishing is a new digital publisher that is focused on the future of storytelling.
We are looking at forming partnerships with our authors to bring the art of storytelling into the future. By merging an author’s art with our business expertise, LazyDay Publishing can offer a new and fresh way of doing business.
Digital publishing has allowed us the format to be able to embrace an author’s manuscript. We can break out from the mold of classic publishing. We can offer our readers stories that are innovative, creative and exciting!
These stories will be on our site, but will also be available with all the leading third party distributors. Our books will be easily available in all formats. LazyDay Publishing will be a dominating presence in the future of the digital book.
LazyDay Publishing will be officially launching December 1, 2010!

As an added bonus, the owner of LazyDay Publishing, Staci Helling, will be guest blogging with The Chicks this Saturday. I'm sure you'll have lots of questions for her - but until then, head over to the LazyDay website where there's information on submissions, a FAQ page, a blog and more.

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