Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome Staci Helling - LazyDay Publishing

Starting a new business is similar to writing a book. LazyDay Publishing is one of four businesses we own. But I have to say, that it has quickly become our favorite (Shhh…don’t tell the other businesses). Starting a business from scratch is a lot of stress, work, sleepless nights and a whole lot of fun. It becomes your passion and consumes your every thought. I’m sure many authors can relate.

I often use my experiences with LazyDay to have some insight on what an author is experiencing with their manuscript. I understand how special their creation is to them. I understand how anxious they are to see their manuscript become a book. An author’s book is as important to them as LazyDay Publishing is to me. I am a self proclaimed control freak and I need to have my hand in every aspect of the business. So I understand when an author wants the same involvement in the creation of their book. I respect all the fellow control freaks and truly understand them. It definitely takes one to know one.

The best part of LazyDay Publishing so far, is the excitement we get when we offer a contract to an author. The feeling is like no other. The author is excited, we are excited and the dynamic is amazing! We are embracing their art as they are embracing us. That very first moment of joining forces for a common goal is truly what makes LazyDay so special to me.

There are days that everything seems to be happening so fast that I feel caught in a whirlwind of e-mails, submissions, questions, phone calls and so on. I’m not surprised by the amount of work and knew what to expect since it isn’t the first time we have started a business. But I am surprised with the amount of interest we are getting in such a short time. It has definitely turned up the heat faster than planned.

But one thing I am trying to focus on and I hope all of our authors do the same, is taking a step back and truly enjoying and relishing in each achievement or success. I am trying to take mental pictures of LazyDay’s formation so I can remember this special time. I want to be able to look back at these moments with fond memories. I want to be able to enjoy each step of the way. I want to remember our first submission, our first contract and our first group of authors. We are so excited for the future of LazyDay Publishing and the future of storytelling. Although I am taking special steps so that I can always remember the past as well.

*EDIT - the website for LazyDay publishing is:


Joanne Brothwell said...

I can sense your love and passion for this business in your post - so wonderful to see from the perspective of the writer!

Good luck in this exciting endeavor!

Janet said...

Hey, Staci - Welcome to the Prairies :) And congratulations on the new publishing company. From the website and this post, it looks to be an exciting venture and a great opportunity for writers.

Since I showcase fiction writing on my blog I'd love to know your opinion of what's published and what's not? Do you consider work 'published' on a blog or website 'published' and therefore not eligible for submission?

Looking forward to a great discussion today - thanks for joining us.

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Staci, I like your enthusiasm.

Can you tell us more about your new venture? The genres and format you publish?

Thanks for joining us today,

Anita Mae.

LazyDay said...

Hi Joanne,
Thank you for the good wishes. LazyDay is my absolute passion! We are honored to be able to read such excellent manuscripts from some truly talented authors.

LazyDay said...

Yes I feel it is a great opportunity for writers to have another venue to get their writing into the hands of the reader.

Any material on a blog is eligible for submission. Not only eligible, but we are actively looking for talented authors via their blogs. To me, having a blog with writing is like having a resume online. What a wonderful way to showcase your work as well as creating a fan base!

LazyDay said...

LazyDay Publishing is a new digital first publisher. We will be putting the books in all formats required by 3rd party distributors such as Amazon, Fictionwise, OmniLit etc. We aren't ruling out print for the future, but right now it isn't our focus. (We have our hands full with digital) :)

As for genres...we are accepting all types. Because we are so open, it is amazing the types of submissions we have received. We have Steampunk, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Thrillers, Mystery, Historical Adventure, Erotica, Memoir, and Blogger Books. Frankly, we even have submissions that don't really fit into just one genre. THIS is what we love. We want to be able to offer something new and fresh. LazyDay is all about thinking outside of the box.

I hope that answered your question, and thank you for having me here today!

DMorgan said...

I didn't see the link to your site, can you provide? As a humble author, I very much want to get started but it's difficult to tell who is legit and who will throw you under the bus so to speak and make off with your work. I like the personal touch that Lazyday is offering, form letters and canned promises are the norm so that is quite refreshing. How does one begin, and aside from the personal attention and not being a number... what can I expect Lazyday to do for me that is out of the standard? I get no less than 5 spam emails a day from so called publishers promising me the world... it's very off-putting.

Janet said...

Sorry DMorgan - I had the link up with the introduction on Thursday, but forgot to add it to Staci's post for today. I've edited the post - the link is at the very bottom of Staci's article.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention :)

Jana Richards said...

Hi Staci,
Welcome to the Prairies and thank you for being our guest today.

Are you concentrating on full length novels, or will you accept shorter lengths including short stories? When do you expect to have your first books available for release?


LazyDay said...

Yes, there are tons of scams and vanity press out there (not that all vanity press are scams). That is why I personally, as the owner, am taking an active role in getting my name out there and answering questions.
We can't promise you the world...but we can promise hard work on our end, hands on approach, and an open mind to what the world of writers have to offer. Not to mention offering aspiring authors a chance. We don't expect our authors to have been published before or have an agent. All we require is talent. :)

LazyDay said...

Hi Jana,

We plan to launch with our first group of books on December 1, 2010.
For the immediate, and for the launch we are looking at full lengths as well as novellas. We will take short stories of an author if we can create a compilation of the work - making it full length. (We are open to new ideas).

After the release date of December, we will consider short stories as part of an anthology.

20,000 words and up is really our focus at this time...but you never know, so we haven't closed the door to anything.

Karyn Good said...

Late welcome and hi, Staci. What an incredible and exciting endeavor you've decided to undertake! I'm looking forward to seeing your starting line-up on December 1.

I was interested to see your answer to Janet's question about showcasing fiction on a personal blog, as well I stopped by your website and saw your answer to whether an author should Twitter as I'm thinking of trying it. Right now I'm considering how active to be online considering I'm an unpublished author, which includes starting my own personal blog, blogging on The Prairies and jumping in with Twitter. Any thoughts on author platform and what LazyDay wants to see from their authors as far as an online presence?

LazyDay said...

Hi Karyn,
Thanks for the welcome! I think having a blog is a great way to work on your writing craft, as well as begin the journey of networking. Twitter is a fantastic way of feeling connected to other aspiring authors, published authors, agents and publishers. I don't think you have to be published to do so. It may even help in getting published!

I can speak for myself and tell you that every submission we receive, we see if they have a blog or twitter. Sometimes what we see helps us make the decision whether or not to work with the author.
If I see someone twitter about submitting to LazyDay, I pull them out of the pile to be read next. hint hint. :)
And Karyn...if you Twitter, I will be your first follower!

Dmorgan said...

Janet makes an excellent point, I have followed quite a few blogs that turned into print books as well as still maintaining their daily - or however often blog. I'm intrigued, and excited to see passion coming back into a very very hard endeavor/business. Selling one's work and self is hard, there is always another chomping at the bit and biting your heals to get it first, it can be quite deflating. Always refreshing to see a new pair of eyes willing to step it up.

Janet said...

Just wanted to say thank you for blogging with us, Staci. And best of luck with LazyDay - with your drive and excitement, it's sure to be a huge success :)

LazyDay said...

I can't thank all of you enough. Your welcome and kind wishes are appreciated greatly! Guest blogging with the Prairie Chicks was a blast. Thanks!
I will be more than happy to answer any future questions at You can also follow us on

Best Wishes,
Staci Helling