Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ah Darn

Now is the hour
when we must say goodbye
Soon we'll be writing
and and dream,ing of the day
While we're away
oh please remember us
When we return we hope
We'll find you here
(old Scottish folk song - massively revised)

We Chicks have become Harried Old Hens, so we have decided to give blogging a rest and concentrate on our own work for awhile.

I am really going to miss blogging, and most of all, reading the comments we have all received. I have learned an astounding amount since the original Chicks first scratched a blog or two. I joined later, but like all of us the night before our blog day, I found that I faced the whatamIgoingtowriteaboutthistime dilemma. Procrastination and living in Crisis Headquarters have left me feeling badly about not rewriting and revising and having something worth saying in the first place. I am not happy with several of my blogs. Thank you for not confirming my worst suspicions!

Blogging has also kept me connected to the other Chicks and to you, the folk who read and comment on our blogs. I am truly going to miss that connection. I would like those of you who have blog pages and web pages to put your address in the comment section so I can stay in touch with everybody (even if you think I already have it).

I guess I am going to have to start a blog of my own because because not having my say is not my strong point. Just ask the folk at the Round Lake members if I can sit through a meeting and not put my two cents worth in - on everything on the agenda and a bunch of stuff I add on.

I very well might start my own blog site after I return from Surrey (SiWC) and a visit with two of my oldest friends who live in Surrey now. What a ball I am going to have this month - Disney World with my grandkidlets, SiWC and wine appreciation with Shirly and Geoff.

I'm wandering here. It is late and I have just returned from closing up the cabin for the winter. Sniffle, sniffle.
It was a day from hell. After everything went wrong with the packing etc, the dog decided she didn't want to go home. It was darker than the backside of the moon and she decided to hide! It was so dark, I had to feel my way down the porch steps and I couldn't see the car 10 feet away. and this in bear country! It was a saga. Suffice to say, I didn't strangle her....

The best parts of the Chicks' blogs are the infinite amount of learning I have done, admiring writing skills of other chicks and having a good chuckle now and then. I am absolutely delighted the page is going to stay up so I can reread them all and look up what info I need to know at whatever stage of panic I am in at any given time.

It was suggested that we mention our favourite blogs here, but there are too many favourites to list! There are some super good writers on the Chicks page.

One of my favourite songs is "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andreas Boccelli and Sarah Brightman. But it's not my favourite thing to say, so I will say "So long - I hope to see you here again one day".

Please be good to yourselves - that's important. When it all looks hopeless, remember these words by Henry Ford, "If you think you can't or if you think you can, you are right." Write on.

You can and I am looking forward to reading your published work soon! It will happen.

Till next time

constancesampson at hotmail dot com


Helena said...

Double darn!! Since I don't have access to your weekly print column, I am going to miss your bi-weekly blogpost for the Chicks all the more. Not hearing your unique voice will be a loss, in my books.

However, as a slightly "harried hen," I'm hoping this break will provide a much-needed opportunity to focus exclusively on my major projects without the "distraction" of blogging for the Chicks. Having said that, I will also miss all the things that you mention. No question of that!

Good to hear your take on this today -- insightful and entertaining, as usual.

(Also, I've been thinking of you at the cabin during this current glorious autumn weather. So sad to think of it being closed up now until spring.)

Obe said...

Will miss this blog. Please come back soon.

Jana Richards said...

Hi Connie,
I am definitely going to miss tuning into the Prairie Chicks blog every day to read what other members are up to and what they're thinking about. Because I live quite a distance away from the rest of the Chicks, I don't often get a chance to meet with them face to face. The blog let me stay connected.

But I am looking forward to new ventures and new writing. There's always a new challenge around the corner. And if most of us develop our own blogs I hope we'll be able to keep in touch that way.

Best of luck with your new ventures,

Karyn Good said...

I will miss the laughs and the insight you've given us!

Lots of us will be hanging around the blog-o-sphere, Connie! The last two weeks of October will be full of ways you can find us.

connie said...

Hi Helena
Yeah - double darn at least. We have had a very special connection with each other and a treasure chest of ideas, info and humour. I will be doing a lot of rereading over the winter months.

Ah, the cabin. But I did have ten days of pretty good weather. Pen and I walked a lot and I have lost 10 lbs! Count on next year. I have some pictures of you which (eventually) I will send along.

You know I will be continually hoping your projects go well and we'll keep in touch


connie said...


Thank you for hanging out with us. I guess we all hope to be back soon when we are fresh.

Glad to have you with us on the Prairies - which are finally having summer this week!

Good luck with your projects. Check out the Chicks personal blogs, addresses for which are listed here somewhere.


connie said...


I'm in your boat. I too, though closer than you are, am still a ways away from the rest of the Chicks. It was a great way to keep in touch.

What are you working on now? You have the Chicks email addresses so keep us up to date please. I look forward to hearing what is happening with your books.

I'm sorry you won't be at Surrey. I'll miss you. Maybe next year?

Stay in touch


connie said...


I am looking forward to be able to keep on enjoying the works of all of you via the blogosphere.

I'll be commenting you can be sure. Never could keep my mouth shut...