Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Confidence Builder

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. ~Author Unknown

As I reminisce over my time spent with the Prairie Chicks the word that comes to mind is confidence. That’s what this experience has given me, along with a safe and supportive place to grow, to learn, and to experiment. Blogging here has helped me narrow down the term writer and decide what it means to me. It gave me a place to say it out loud.

I am a writer.

My first blog post, ironically enough, was titled, Finding My Voice. In that post I wrote, “I am going to give the voice inside of me a chance to unfurl.” Looking back I had no idea what I was really saying and the voice I was referring to was a general sense of having something to say. But almost two years later I do know what I mean when I say voice.

During my time blogging here I learned about goal, motivation, and conflict. Character arcs, plot, and pace. When I signed up to blog I knew very little about craft but I knew I wanted to use my time blogging to learn it. While I still have lots to learn, the topics I researched were always the ones I was curious about and needed to learn. This blog has given me a place to not only be a writer, but a romance writer. To talk about alpha males and kiss-ass heroines. Sex scenes. And the appeal of happily-ever-afters. To be in the company of like-minded writers.

Blogging here with the Prairie Chicks has taught me about deadlines and writing when I didn’t feel inspired. I’ve gone from writing occasionally and when the mood strikes to writing pretty much every day even if it’s only a couple of sentences. This blog has taught me about the business side of writing, too. Something I was totally in the dark about and had no idea how to navigate. Yesterday I sent off my very first query letter to an agent. Yes indeed, I’ve learned a lot.

To my fellow bloggers…I cannot even begin to put into words how much you’ve taught me. What a pleasure it’s been sharing this experience with you! I never failed to learn something. You’ve inspired me. Encouraged me. Made me think. Pushed me to do better.

To our talented guest bloggers who came and visited – thank you for sharing your experiences, tips, tricks, call stories, and so much more.

Thank you to our faithful followers who gave us their time and came and read what we had to say, left comments, and offered tips of your own.

It has been a blast.

Stay tuned. The last two weeks of October we’ll be letting you know what we’re up to next and where to find us!


Jana Richards said...

Hey Karyn,
I'm glad you got so much out of blogging here on the Prairies. I think it's been very rewarding for all of us. You've learned so much in the last almost two years that you're not only sending out query letters, you're blogging on your own and have set up a Facebook page. I'm very impressed with how far you've come!

Good luck with your query letter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey Karyn, I learned so much from you and your posts. And yes, I could see your craft confidence growing the more you blogged.

I'm glad it's just the blog that's going inactive because one of the reasons I like travelling all that way to our writers' group meeting is because of your presence. :)


Karyn Good said...

Thanks Jana!

Karyn Good said...

Anita, the good times aren't over, just reshaping themselves!