Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Outsider's Reflection

I admit I've always been a bit of a contrary sort. A devil's advocate, perhaps. It followed naturally I'd volunteer to join up with the Prairie Chicks back in January when I don't even write in the genre, and, as I confessed a while back, scoffed at it for quite a while.

But my stint with the Chicks started before that, when Janet left us for a month to move, and a few of us offered to fill her Fridays. I started off on an interesting note. I blogged about the Phallus. Hey, it's romance, I figure anything's game right?

Suffice it to say I've started a fair number of good conversations, and sparked some contrary points of view since I came on as a regular blogger. For my part, I've enjoyed exploring some obscure and interesting topics, prodding aspects of romance from an outsider's perspective, and really getting to know the range of romance writers and readers who frequent us, and where everyone's preferences lie. There's absolutely no way to pin down a group like this and label what we like or don't like. Even among a predominantly female group of bloggers and readers, we're to diverse to make generalizations of any kind.

I think that's been the biggest fun for me while I've been blogging here. Coming up with a topic I want to explore and waiting to see what sort of responses I'll have waiting for me in the morning, whether anyone's taken the complete opposite standpoint from me, or called me out for talking about a genre I don't work in. Blogging on the Chicks has also really helped me think about all angles of my argument, since I'm writing for such a diverse group. On my own blog, I know the audience, the genre, and I know what discussions might come up in comments. Here it's always a surprise, and it really gets me thinking about exactly what I'm trying to say, rather than gesturing around the edges of it.

Of course, it also makes for some long as heck posts. Oh well.

Whether I've been analyzing the romance genre, or discussing how fantasy techniques can apply across genres, I've enjoyed bringing my view to the group. Here's to posts that will continue to incite contrary reactions and keep writers thinking.


Karyn Good said...

It's been great blogging with you Hayley. I've enjoyed your take on things and joining in on those discussions you mentioned. I'll be referencing your world-building posts for all time!

Glad I know where to find you so I partake in more of those kinds of discussions.

Jana Richards said...

Hi Hayley,
You always have a thoughtful and unique perspective. It's been a pleasure to read your posts and your comments. And it's been a treat having you as one of the Chicks.

Good luck in Surrey!

Helena said...

Hayley, you brought fresh ideas to the Chicks and gave us lots to think about. We already had quite a range of genres and diverse writing styles (some of us shared your "outsider" status). You added another dimension and generated a lot of discussion. It was very stimulating to have your perspective in the mix.

So glad your expertise will linger in the posts for future reference.