Friday, October 15, 2010


Interesting, this is my 60th blogpost for Prairie Chicks! And I’m writing it to say good-bye. Emotions overwhelm me – but mostly sadness envelops me as I type these words. The end of an idea that gave me such joy and elation, such enthusiasm. The end, but just the beginning.

As Jana said on Monday, we decided back at the end of 2008 to create a group blog. There was a brief discussion about having just the two of us blog, but we knew the workload would be too much. After bringing on 3 other Chicks (Susan, Anita and Karyn), we were off and running. And what a run! 698 posts later, here we are wrapping it up. Jana also eluded to the fact that maybe if we had not focused on writerly topics we may have been able to keep going – but focus on writing we did! Do you know how hard it is to come up with a writing article every week? When we brought on other Chicks (Joanne, Hayley, Connie, Myrene, Helena, Anne, and Stephanie), we were writing articles every second week – still incredibly hard!

But what a bevy of relevant information! I think we covered every topic under the writing umbrella. Conferences, beginnings, agents, queries, non-fiction, writing spaces, titles, loglines, genre, grammar, characterization, themes, setting, dialogue, motivation, branding, backstory – you name it, we covered it! Covered it in fine fashion (well done, Chicks, well done).

I think, as I look back on my journey with the Chicks, there were many lessons learned! Working with a group of people is difficult – compromise and discussion is so important in a venture such as this! Deadlines – OMG, deadlines! I still haven’t managed to get a post written and scheduled ahead of a deadline, but I’m working on getting better at it. Craft – man, what I didn’t know about this writing gig! The support and genuine caring from other writers – the writing community, vast as it is, is such a tight knit, supportive one. The friendships developed from this blog venture will last a lifetime, even though the blog will not. The Chicks themselves, but our readers, too. And voice!

The biggest and bestest lesson learned from being a part of this amazing blog has been finding my voice. Writing the blogposts allowed me experiment with my writing, allowed me come into my own as a writer. I found my voice here on The Prairies! And for that, I am forever grateful. There is nothing in the world as satisfying and joyous as putting oneself out there (quirks and all) and having people respond that they liked it! What more could a writer ask for? That response fueled my desire to write more – that response gave me hope as a writer when rejections created self-doubt!

I am sad that the Prairie Chicks are ending their amazing run. But I am excited about the future and what it holds for each of us. I’m a firm believer in new beginnings and a lover of inspirational quotes. I leave you with this:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. ~ Seneca

Please stay tuned, People of Blogland – the next two weeks will be filled with the Chicks individual blogs about goals, the future and where you can find us after this group blog ends.



Silver James said...

I hate saying goodbye. I know I was notably absent with my comments the last few months--that whole creative/writing/dealine monster rearing it's head. Trust me, I KNOW how hard blogging is but I wanted to let all the Chicks know being an honorary chick honor. You ladies are classy, intelligent, and brought a lot to the internet. I still point people to some of your articles.

Good luck and happy lives to all of you!

Karyn Good said...

Love the quote. One more to add to the wonderful ones I've collected from here in the past 22 months.

It's been a great ride!

Janet said...

Glad to 'see' you, Silver (I'll catch up with you this weekend now that company has left and I've finished my half marathon).

BTW - we loved having you as an Honorary Chick!

Janet said...

So many quotes - so many great articles - Karyn! It has been an awesome ride :)

Jana Richards said...

It has been an awesome ride, Janet.

Hey, congrats on completing the half marathon. Way to go!


Janet said...

Thanks, Jana - and for coming on this awesome adventure with me! Loved it :)

Jennie Marsland said...

Like Silver, I hate saying goodbye, but of course this isn't really goodbe. The treasure trove of inspiration and information on this blog will still be here and all of you will still be around, just at different addresses. Thanks for the time and effort all of you put in to this - it's been great!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Janet, thanks to you and Jana for inviting me on this journey. Although the craft exercises weren't my favourite part, I always learned something from them.

And I loved the days we used the blog to show our personal styles - like when I showed how one should go about getting an agent, and you came back the next day with your version. LOL

So maybe you didn't have all your posts made up ahead of time ... they sure seemed like you'd spent days working on them.

Hoping for great things to come from you Janet.


Janet said...

Thanks, Jennie. I think that was a no-brainer for us - leaving the articles up for future reference. Especially our guest bloggers, yourself included :)

Janet said...

Thanks, Anita - amazing what one can do when faced with an imminent deadline. LOL!

I think that's what I loved best about this blog - the diversity we brought! And maybe if we had not concentrated on writerly topics, made it more personal, we might not be facing our closure. But, you can play 'what if' all day long. The important thing is that we all wrote some fantastic articles and had fun doing it. Now, it's time to move on.

And I'm looking forward to hearing all your future news. I'll be lurking (as usual) over on your blog :)