Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Boldly Go

So, I swear I didn't plan it this way, but today is my last blog post with the Chicks, I'm talking about what's on the horizon in my writing life...and it's my birthday. 26 on the 26th. So this is a real transition date for me, insofar as anything like birthdays, ends of things, or new frontiers ever feel real and solid and immediate.

Almost a year ago I stepped into full time writing for the first time. Since then I've had short fiction published, joined the SFWA, established a writing schedule that works for me, and laid the smack to flighty writing patterns. Now it's time to take things to a whole new level of ass kicking. And trust me, these sort of things warrant aggressive language. There's no room for meek or self-deprecating here.

This past weekend I went to the Surrey International Writers' Conference. I've been before, but this was my first time as a serious writer, and with a mindset to publish. I took my first three pages in for critique at a Blue Pencil session. The only critique was the author wanted to read more. I worked my ass off preparing a killer pitch. The agent requested pages.

So I head home tomorrow. New focus, new goals, new year (as far as birthdays go), and new stage to dive into.  Time to kick ass, write some damn fine prose, do horrible things to my characters, make them bleed and hurt and ache worse than ever, and make them work for the endings they deserve, and get that book out on shelves so people won't need to keep asking when they can read it.

So I will write. And I will revise. And I will polish. And I will take my kick-ass pitch and query the hell out of it, and see what comes back at me. That is what I will do on the horizon.

And I will write more short fiction, when I need distance from the novel so I can approach it with fresh eyes. I will try new genres and new approaches, and wander outside my comfort zones, and maybe even try writing something that doesn't wind up mildly (or greatly) morbid or negative. Maybe.

I will continue to overuse words like kickass, badass, and smartass. I will not be ashamed of having utter confidence in my work, nor will I bother with the pretense of seeming otherwise for the sake of appearances. I know what I can do, I know what I have done, and I know what I will do. To act otherwise would be false. People, of course, are free to interpret that attitude as negatively as they want. I don't mind.

I will continue to over-analyze the minutiae of fiction and then write blog posts about it. And perhaps find new methods of picking apart and distributing said analyses. I will also get a subdomain soon, and hoard all these ramblings on my own site. Either way, there will be blogs, and tweets, and excessive thought put in to small, inconsequential aspects of fiction.

(I'll also be posting in more detail about the Surrey conference, workshops there, and my experience in the next two weeks over on Eventide, including a blow by blow of this year's Surrey Idol for the curious.)

The time has come to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new agents and new publishing contracts. To boldly go where no Hayley E Lavik has gone before.

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Sean Cummings said...

Congratulations on the request and the shiny new "kick some ass" attitude! I like! :)

Also, Happy Bday!!!

Jana Richards said...

Hayley, when you write as well as you do, you can kick as much ass as you want.

It sounds like you had a very successful conference. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of your conference story.


Janet said...

Love the attitude - you'll go far, girlfriend. And then I can say "I knew her when..."

A Very Happy Birthday - I hope you're celebrating it in style. And like Jana, I can't wait to hear about the conference - I'll be watching and reading your blog, Hayley :)

Karyn Good said...

I've no doubt you'll kick some writing ass, Hayley! You're going places, girl.

Happy bday!

Anita Mae Draper said...

Hey, good work with the agent. Aha - you found out my secret weapon - regardless what anyone says, go to a conference with everything! LOL

I can't say enough about your attitude - it's great!

And happy birthday to you.

Stephanie said...

Awesome post. Very inspiring. This post reads the way a kickass book starts off - giving the reader a true sense of a character without any physical description.

ps- In case you were wondering, I picture you dressed in black with a ponytail. You are doing ninja kicks and holding your (published) book in one hand while punching a bad guy with the other.